Winter RV Road Trip Advice

living in an RV in the winter

Find Winter Wonderlands

Whether you are loading up your family to hike across the country for the holidays or are just cruising around to view lovely snow-draped landscapes, it’s more likely than not you will be hitting the road this winter season. The expert team at Delmarva RV Center wants our customers, from diehard RVers to first-time trekkers, to be absolutely safe while driving on ice-slicked roads or through sudden snowstorms. We are here to assist you with making the most out of living in an RV in the winter with some useful advice, as well as encourage you to have our top-notch service crew look over your recreational vehicle before you head out. Read on below!

Schedule Maintenance

Slush, ice, snow, and even obscured debris on the highway can slowly chip away at the health of your RV model. Our technicians will carefully inspect your ride, ensure that it’s sealed properly against the harsh elements and that no mechanical issues remain hidden.

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Pack Wisely

This essential road trip must-do especially rings true when you are living in an RV during the winter. Besides packing plenty of preservable food, warm clothes, and cold-resistant camping gear, it is important to also bring emergency supplies like tire chains, jugs of water, road flares, etc. Feel free to ask the DRVC team for more advice about what else you should have.

Check All Conditions

These days, it is an almost-autonomous process to tap on the weather and map icons on your smart device to see what awaits you before getting behind the steering wheel. It is imperative to continue that habit (when you are not driving) while living in an RV in the winter.

living in an RV in the winter

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to have your recreational vehicle running like a dream and help you make the most of living in an RV in the winter. Set up your appointment today!

living in an RV in the winter

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