How Do I Stow My RV For Winter Season?

Storing Your RV In Delaware

Tips For Storing Your RV In Delaware

While a winter wonderland is gorgeous scenery, it is most likely that you will not be traveling to these destinations until the warm spring sun returns. In the meantime, safely storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland is critical to its health, so when the driving season returns, it is ready to go for a new adventure without maintenance delays. Our service advisors assembled these helpful tips to prepare for winter hibernation. Pull out the covers, hunker down for winter, and contact Delmarva RV Center for any additional information you need for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter.

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Pick a Safe Location

Parking your RV under shelter is ideal, but that may not always be possible. If you choose to park your RV outside, try putting the RV in a location with the least amount of wind so it does not get buffeted all season long. You also want to keep it away from trees because heavy snowfall and ice accumulation could bring the tree limbs down onto your RV.

Use a Protective Cover

Storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland with a strong cover will protect the paint from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, wind damage, and inclement weather. It is best not to use a plastic tarp because they trap moisture and could cause damage. Use a cover that zips and has a system of straps for extra stability.

Cover the Tires

This keeps your rubber protected from the harmful winter air, and we recommend inflating all tires to the pressure on the sidewalls before storage.

RV Storage In Delaware

Drain Water System

Remove all water so your tank and lines do not freeze in the cold. Our factory-trained technicians can help with this task if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Store Your Batteries

It is best to take out the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place. They will lose some charge, but the cool temperatures will slow the loss.

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Those are essential tips for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter. For more suggestions or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Delmarva RV Center today.

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