How Should You Winterize Your RV?

winterizing your RV Delaware

Winterize Your RV In Delaware

The sharp decline in outside temperatures and the eager anticipation of lovely snowfall can only mean that winter is here to stay for quite a bit. With snow comes hazardous ice, meaning it will soon be time for winterizing your Delaware RV. The service experts at Delmarva RV Center want to help you make sure that your beloved recreational vehicle is carefully stored away until you are ready to hit the road again in the spring. We have gathered a short checklist that you can refer to as you are preparing to winterize. Check out our tips and then feel free to schedule a maintenance appointment with us!

Remove Water Filters

One of the very first steps to take is to bypass and remove any in-line water filters that you have inside your RV model. This is to prevent any winterization chemicals from leaking in. Our technicians will be glad to take care of that for you.

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Drain Water Heater and Lines

This is especially crucial for winterizing your Delaware RV, due to the freezing weather that always accompanies Old Man Winter. After turning your heater off, you will then want to let it cool down before removing the drain plug and open the pressure relief valve to release all the water. From there, you will just need to open all the faucets in your recreational vehicle to remove any additional fluids.

Add Antifreeze

Doing this can be a little tricky because it involves turning off the water and potentially having to install a water pump converter kit. Instead of all that, why not let the experienced service staff at DRVC handle refilling the antifreeze to combat the chilly elements? We’ll make sure there is plenty in there.

winterizing your RV Delaware

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope these help you with winterizing your RV in Delaware. Don’t forget to set up a service appointment for absolute peace of mind today!

winterizing your RV Delaware

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