What Is Your RV Lifestyle

Types Of RV Models

Get To Know Your RV Personality

There is nothing quite like spending some quality time in the great outdoors. Delmarva RV Center is here to help valued customers make that peaceful imagery your everyday reality as we cover our expansive selection of luxurious new and used RVs for sale at our Delaware RV dealership. As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we have plenty of affordable options waiting for you to check out, and we know we have just the right one for you. Purchasing a new RV is a significant investment, and it is essential to be sure of your choice. Our team has put together a brief overview of the different types of RVs and their primary functions to give you an idea of what your RV lifestyle may look like and the type of RV best suited for you.

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What Is Your RV Lifestyle?

Delmarva RV Center has tons of RVs in our inventory from industry-leading brands. Learn which RV configuration aligns with your adventure outlook as you browse through the varying types of RVs below.
Travel Trailers: Are you the life of the party everywhere you go? Travel trailers, and their counterpart, fifth-wheel travel trailers, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are perfect for social butterflies looking to bring friends and family with them.

Types Of RV Interiors

Class A Motorhomes: Do you wish to take the familiar comforts of home with you on the road? Class A Motorhomes are perfect for travelers who want to experience nature without giving up 21st-century necessities, like full bathrooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms.

Class B Motorhomes: Are you down to earth and easy-going? Check out a Class B Motorhome, which offers a flexible RV lifestyle going overboard on the glitz and glam.

Class C Motorhomes: Is your family your main focus? Are you interested in ways to travel affordably with kids? Class C Motorhomes are great options for family life as they are spacious, affordable, and versatile.

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RV’ing During the Holidays

Holiday RV Travel Tips

Dashing Through The Snow

There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors during the holiday season. Trees are dressed with glistening snow, homes are decorated with lights from head to toe, and the quiet sense of peace in the air is the cherry on top of a great year. Are you searching for a fun way to spend the most wonderful time of the year? RV life offers a perfect solution! The professionals at Delmarva RV Center are delighted to wish our valued customers a happy holiday season as we provide a few holiday RV travel tips to get you started. Holidays sometimes call for time spent on the road, so what better way to head to your destination than in a luxurious new or used RV? Trade cramped backseat driving for warm, wide-open living space when you shop today!

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Holiday RV Travel Tips

As Delaware’s largest RV dealer, we know a thing about how to enjoy a successful getaway. By following our Holiday RV travel tips, you’re one step closer to a magical holiday season!

Stay In the Spirit on the Road

The holiday season likely calls for a few family traditions here and there. While spending time on the road, be sure to keep your favorite holiday activities in the mix!

Holiday RV Travel Tips

Eat Some Good Food

One of the best parts of the holidays is the decadent meals enjoyed with family and friends. If you’re assuming you’ll have to skip those while RV’ing, you’re wrong! Many modern RVs feature full kitchens offering an excellent place to cook your favorite seasonal dishes.

Explore Holiday Destinations

RV life provides families the opportunity to visit classic destinations well-known for going all out during the holiday season. A few locations to keep in mind include New York City, St. Augustine (Fla.), and Durango (Col.). If you decide to hit an area where it may snow, be sure to prepare your RV for winter driving by having it winterized for the season.

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Prepare Your RV For Winter Living

 Prepare RV for Winter Living

Stay Warm With Delmarva RV Center

The coming of cooler temperatures is typically a telltale sign of winter making its first appearance of the season. However, If you’re truly up for the experience of RV life on the go, a little cold isn’t going to slow you down. The experts at Delmarva RV Center are thrilled to assist our fellow adventure enthusiasts with the task of preparing your RV for winter living. Winter brings many fun aspects of the season along with its arrival — snow, holidays, extra family time, what could be better? However, this chilling time also brings an environment that can harm your RV if you’re not prepared. We have provided a list containing steps to prepare your RV for winter living. Learn more below.

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Prepare Your RV for Winter

If you don’t properly prepare your RV for winter living, major issues could be in your future. Avoid damaging your RV, including burst pipes, dead batteries, and plumbing problems when you follow the helpful steps below.

Place Your RV in a Skirt

Extra insulation can be a lifesaver in cold weather. Protect your batteries, plumbing, and other essential components from the cold when you put your RV in a skirt.

Insulate Your Windows

The windows of your RV allow tons of heat to escape in the cold. Avoid that by adding further insulation such as solar blankets, foam insulation boards, or even heavyweight thermal curtains. Have questions about how to insulate your RV windows? Contact us today!

How to Insulate Your RV during Winter

Wrap Your RV Pipes in Heat Tape

While skirting your RV will be beneficial, wrapping your pipes in heat tape is another way to further insulate your RV. In addition, purchasing a heated RV water hose can be a big help, too!

Make Sure You’re Up to Date on Routine Service

During the cold, your RV has to work much harder to perform. Schedule a service appointment with us today to start preparing your RV for winter living.

Start Today

The sooner you begin to prepare your RV for winter living, the better! Luckily, the experts at Delmarva RV Center are here to help. Reach out today with any questions regarding how to insulate your RV during winter!


What Is RV Insurance?

what is rv insurance

Adventure With Peace of Mind

After searching for the perfect RV, you’ve finally found the right fit, and you’re ready to hit the road! Start your adventure off on the right foot with peace of mind knowing that your new investment is covered when you start the process of insuring an RV. The experts at Delmarva RV Center care deeply for your safety and would like to expand on the benefits of RV insurance coverage. Many of our valued customers have asked, “What is RV insurance, and why do I need it?” Well, we are here to help! RV insurance protects drivers if they happen to damage another vehicle or their own. Insurance agencies offer various coverage plans that depend on the amount of time you reside in the RV and the type of RV purchased. To learn more about “what is RV insurance?” view the information provided below.

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What does RV Insurance Cover?

Once you’ve chosen a coverage plan, it’s essential to be aware of everything covered in case of an accident. The following information below includes an overview of the standard coverage opportunities included with most RV insurance policies.

Damage Coverage

This aspect of your policy pertains to any theft, damage, accidents, acts of nature, windshield damage, and vandalism.

Injury and Property Damage

This type of coverage provides payment for any damage or physical injuries caused while behind the wheel of your RV. If you’re hit by a driver who is not covered, Uninsured property damage coverage assists in repairing or replacing your RV.

Medical Bills

If you’re harmed in an accident, your medical bills may be covered up to the amount listed in your plan. Contact us today with any questions regarding “what is RV insurance” and other types of coverage available.

what is RV insurance

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

After receiving the answer to “What is RV insurance?” many customers can drive with peace of mind knowing there are options available to keep them protected as they explore. Delmarva RV Center looks forward to starting this journey with you and will happily answer any other questions regarding what is RV insurance. Contact us today!


RVs vs. Hotels

RVs vs. Hotels

Enjoy Life on the Road

Many people dream of spending their spare time exploring the open roads and taking part in the thrills they offer. Hotels have been the standard choice for those on the go due to their abundance, availability, and various options for vacationers. While hotels do have advantages, RV life is often seen as superior when drivers consider the amount of money saved and the versatility, practicality, and functionality RVs allow. The professionals at Delmarva RV Center are prepared to guide valued customers through the process of purchasing an RV. They will gladly assist as you browse our large selection of in-stock top-tier, high-quality RVs. Read on to learn about the benefits of RVs compared to hotels.

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RV vs. Hotel Life Benefits 

RVs allow those on the go to enjoy an atmosphere that feels like a second home. Many families dream of owning their own, but don’t realize how possible that dream can be with the help of our experienced personnel. Here are some benefits of purchasing an RV compared to living the hotel life:

Bring the Whole Family 

RVs offer families more space and even feature multiple, separate rooms so everyone can pile in and enjoy time with the whole gang. Hotel rooms often only offer two beds and typically only enough room for three to four people.

Go the Distance 

When traveling in an RV, it is much easier to visit numerous locations in the span of one trip. If drivers plan to visit different places, they would need to secure hotels in each area versus the convenience of staying in one in an RV.

RVs vs. hotels

Make an Investment

Owning an RV versus renting a hotel room for an extended period allows you to make an investment and save a large amount of money in the long run. We are your financial experts and will help you find an affordable option for you!


Local Beaches RVers Should Visit

top beaches for local RVers

Let’s Take a Trip

Are you dying for some time to soak up the warm sand, salty waves, and beaming sun? We thought so. When you visit Delmarva RV Center, we will assist you as you browse through our wide selection of high-quality, upscale RVs that offer drivers versatility, functionality, and a home away from home. Staying in an RV versus a hotel during trips to the beach allows vacationers the chance to truly experience the area and choose the perfect location to set up camp. We proudly offer our valued customers a top-tier inventory of RVs that feature spacious living areas, bedrooms, and updated and modern kitchens and bathrooms. Purchasing an RV is an affordable way to enjoy life on the go and enjoy all the beauty Eastern Shore has to offer, including standout sun-and-sand locations.

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Soak Up the Sun

Our crew has put together a list of popular beaches along the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware to get you started on your journey after purchasing your new RV with us:

Bethany Beach, DE

Bethany Beach is a small coastal town located between Indian River Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This town offers visitors a beautiful beach along with a boardwalk featuring several restaurants.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Rehoboth Beach is a town located around 20 minutes away from Bethany Beach and is also along the Atlantic Ocean. This town features a boardwalk and fun activities for the family.

Ocean City, MD

Ocean City is a town located right on the Atlantic Ocean and offers visitors fun activities such as mini-golf, excellent restaurants, and a boardwalk teeming with fun that the whole family will enjoy.

top local beaches for RVers

Experience the Open Roads 

Visit us at Delmarva RV Center to view our many amazing RVs available from popular brands such as Coachman, Dutchman, and Forest River. We will guide you through this process of purchasing your own RV at an affordable price and will answer any questions about our wonderful area. We can’t wait to see you and help you plan your next beach getaway in your very own RV!


How Often Should You Service Your RV?

how often should you service your RV

Life On The Highway

RVs offer passengers the opportunity to hit the road with their loved ones for an extended period, exploring whatever comes their way. The outstanding staff at Delmarva RV Center would like to help our valued customers prepare for all of their adventures ahead by answering a question often asked by RV owners: how often should you service your RV? One of the essential parts of RV ownership is regular maintenance. Routine RV maintenance improves the vehicle’s overall health and helps ensure continual use for many years to come. However, many RV owners are unsure of what exactly goes into completing routine RV maintenance, so our expert service technicians have compiled a list of recommended services to take part in. Read on to learn more about how often you should service your RV.

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how often should you service your RV

Hit the Brakes

So, how often should you service your RV? Routine maintenance depends on how often drivers plan to use their RV. Typically, some maintenance should be done before each trip, while other RV services should be done yearly. Before hitting the road, RV owners should complete the following maintenance checklist:

  • Tire Examination
  • Brake and Headlight Check
  • Battery Test
  • Fluid Check
  • Engine Check
  • AC Inspection
  • Safety Equipment Test

Yearly RV Maintenance

  • Brake Check
  • Propane Inspection
  • Reseal RV Exterior 
  • Clean RV Water System
how often should you service your RV

Service With Us

When you visit us at Delmarva RV Center for routine RV maintenance, you’ll receive expert care and service like no other. We are your go-to service provider for all things RV, and we take that role very seriously. Contact our excellent staff at your convenience to schedule RV maintenance. We offer customers various appointment times, so your adventures won’t be put on hold for long. Visit us today with any questions regarding how often you should service your RV. We can’t wait to see you!


Get Your RV Ready For The Summer

RV service summertime appointment

Soak in The Sunshine

It’s time to break out your shorts and flip-flops because summer is here to stay! The staff at Delmarva RV Center knows you are raring to get in the driver’s seat of your trusty RV model and discover all sorts of exotic locales, and we do not blame you. However, our experts wholeheartedly recommend that you schedule an RV summertime service appointment before rolling out because you deserve peace of mind about the mechanical health of your recreational vehicle. The spring season brought some heavy storms with it, most likely affecting the outer and inner workings of your vehicle. Our technicians follow a seasonal maintenance plan for restoring your automotive performance. Learn more before and then set up your summertime RV service appointment!

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What We Will Do

The work our service team will perform includes:

Check your tires. We will make sure you are using the right seasonal tires, ensure they are in prime condition, and either align or rotate them if needed.

• Inspect your windshield wipers. You definitely want your blades to be efficient due to sudden thunderstorms and any debris high summer winds bring your way.

• Examine your battery. The DRVC service experts will check the current power levels in your battery and even replace it with a fresh one if necessary.

• Top off your fluids. This is an important step because the winter and spring certainly take their toll on your fluids. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure they are properly filled.

• Refresh your oil. Keeping your engine well lubricated is essential to the longevity of your RV model. We will be happy to change it for you during your summertime RV service appointment.

RV service summertime appointment

Set Up Service Today

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we cannot wait to get you out on the road for all the fun you can handle. Don’t delay! Get your summertime RV service appointment scheduled today!


Retiring In Your RV

RV retirement living

RV Living As A Retiree

There is nothing like the freedom to travel around the world and explore the great outdoors in a mobile home equipped with amenities and necessities. Retiring in your RV is a wise way to enrich your mind, body, and soul once you’ve spent a lifetime in the workforce, and Delmarva RV Center is happy to provide you with all the tools needed to do so successfully. Benefits are endless when it comes to RV retirement living, so let’s take a look at some of the areas that make taking the road less traveled so appealing.

Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

You may be surprised how much will fit into our Class C RVs or park model RVs. Since your home is on wheels, you must be selective about which belongings to bring. Functionality is essential and will encourage you to buy less stuff. Meet with our staff to identify the square footage of your RVs cargo space so you can choose your baggage wisely.

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RV retirement living

Self-Isolate and Travel

RV retirement living is an economical way to stretch your savings, be in nature with your family, and travel the country. When you need a respite from the roads, find an adaptable national park and make it your home. When you get the itch to explore, simply pack up the RV and head to the next destination. Oh, the places you’ll go with RV retirement living!

Eat Well and Enjoy Life

When every day is a picnic, and you have the chance to slow down, you are more likely to make healthy snacks, fresh salads, and try new cooking recipes. Our down-home RVs are equipped with a half or full kitchen, including a refrigerator, an oven, a sink, a dining room table, and more. Check out our Class C, fifth wheel, and toy hauler inventories and find your future home.

Shop RVs for Retirees

Delmarva RV Center has a diverse selection of RVs for sale that are perfect for individuals and families looking to retire. RV retirement living is a terrific way to experience life, and we look forward to making your dreams a reality. Visit your destination for RVs and will be glad to answer your questions.


What RV Is Best For A Family To Live In?

best RV for a family to live in

Best RV For A Family To Live In

Have you ever wished you could stay on vacation permanently? Many families dream of vacationing full-time and dread coming home after spending quality time on the road. If this sounds like your family, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about the best RV for a family to live in, and contact Delmarva RV Center for more information on Modern RVs, such as the 2021 Grand Design Reflection, which offers families an affordable option to stay on the road without having to sacrifice any amenities. RVs are also great for families looking to explore the country with their children, as state and national parks allow RVs to park on their properties for up to 14 days at a time. The 2021 Grand Design Reflection is the best RV for a family to live in and we can tell you why!

Space & Sleeping Arrangements

The 2021 Grand Design Reflection features amenities that include sleeping areas with the capability to sleep up to six people in this specific model. This allows families to stay on the road together while still being able to maintain a comfortable living space. This model also includes a fully upgraded kitchen, an outdoor shower, and more.

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best RV for a family to live in

Amenities Available 

The most important factor in choosing a home is comfortability. The 2021 Grand Design Reflection is made with that in mind and offers features that enhance your space. If you choose to add the Arctic Protection plan, this provides a furnace and reinforced roof with insulation, along with an air conditioning and heating system that will keep your family comfortable all year round.

Adaptable to Your Lifestyle

The 2021 Grand Design Reflection is a beautifully designed model that is ready to take your family anywhere. With plenty of room for your family along with the addition of features such as a TV, recliner, and skylight, this is the best RV for a family to live in, and it shows!

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We are the best option for all of your RV needs! Give us a call today to learn more about the 2021 Grand Design Reflection!