RV Camping In The Rain

RV Camping In The Rain

Explore Rain Or Shine

When gloomy weather hits, the first thought of many is to pack up and return indoors. Delmarva RV Center is here to help travelers enjoy adventuring in the great outdoors no matter the report of the daily weather forecast. Follow along to learn about the top tips for RV camping in the rain and how to avoid unforeseen roadblocks during your trip!

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Come Prepared

While you may be planning for sunny days and blue skies, it is essential to bring necessary supplies in case the weather takes an unexpected turn. Check out the recommended accommodations for RV camping in the rain, like rain ponchos, durable tarps, outdoor rugs, an indoor boot tray, jack pads, extra towels, and a water-resistant backpack.

Stay Informed

When harsh weather conditions threaten to impede your getaway, keep an eye on weather reports and warnings through a weather app on your smartphone. In the event of poor connectivity, several travelers also recommend bringing along a weather radio!

RV Camping In The Rain

Check Your RV

Is your RV capable of combating unexpected rain spells? Ensure you’re ready for life on the road and RV camping in the rain by scheduling a service appointment at Delmarva RV Center.

Plan Indoor Activities

When you don’t feel up to braving rainy weather, stay entertained by bringing along indoor activities like games and movies. This is perfect for RV camping in the rain or on days you need a little R&R!

Drive Safely

Driving in the rain can be dangerous when the roads or visibility are compromised. Plan to stay put if the weather is unsafe for travel.

Pack Your Suitcase

Whether you’re enjoying sunny skies or rainy days, traveling with family and friends in an RV can still be a memorable experience. Contact Delmarva RV Center to learn more about other tips, such as how to use a pop-up camper in the rain!

Best RV To Live In Full-Time

Best RV To Live In Full Time

Full Time RV Living

Outdoor enthusiasts seeking to take to the open road full-time will find the perfect RV for their future travels at Delmarva RV Center. Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer is here to assist valued customers as they transition from residential to RV living with all the top tricks necessary to navigate a seamless new chapter. Discover the best RV to live in full-time as you witness the vast selection of luxurious new and used RVs for sale at our Delaware RV dealership. Come across bestselling brands and consider which suits you as you learn about essential RV factors like size, mobility, and exterior and interior amenities.

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Take Your Pick

While there are many suitable options for the best RV to live in full-time, determining which RV is for you will depend on your travel desires and personal preferences. Look at our suggestions and snag the model that speaks to you today!

Thor Venetian F42

A popular pick for travelers with large families, the Thor Venetian F42 offers a massive floor plan fit with luxurious amenities all around. Select this Class A RV and take advantage of features like a Tilt-A-View king bed, a drop-down overhead sleeping bunk, comfy theater seating, a spa-like bathroom, and a retractable 55-inch TV.

Best RV To Live In Full-Time

Keystone Montana

The Keystone Montana fifth-wheel RV is one of the best RVs to live in full-time, courtesy of its modern design, spacious layout, and comfortable features. Select from a wide range of floor plans and travel with up to five people so everyone in your crew can tag along!

Grand Design Reflection

Select a Grand Design Reflection for full-time RV living and find eight versatile floor plans in addition to a Season Protection Package to offer maximum insulation to protect your new investment.

Grab Your Suitcase

Prepare for life on the road by visiting Delmarva RV Center to purchase one of the best RVs to live in full-time today!

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Full-Time RVing With Kids

Rving With Kids

Kid-Friendly RV Living

Are you eager to show your children the beautiful American landscape up close? Delmarva RV Center is here to help parents plan the perfect extended road trip for their families inside a luxurious new or used RV from Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer. Take a look at our tips and tricks to appease even the pickiest of travelers and find your way to the great outdoors effortlessly for fun in the sun while full-time RV living with kids.

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Opt For Homeschooling

Parents considering full-time RV living will love the freedom homeschooling their children offers. Pick up at a moment’s notice without the restraints of in-person schooling and travel to your heart’s content while educating your kiddos.

Go for a Bunk Room Door

Still enforcing a consistent bedtime routine? Consider a new or used RV with a bunk room door to offer your children extra privacy when the time comes. Stay up and enjoy time with your spouse or family without fear of waking the children!

Rving With Kids

Get Organized

The RV lifestyle is not often for the faint of heart. While spending time on the road can be an enjoyable experience, storage space can be an issue when planning for multiple travelers. To avoid any issues while full-time RV living with kids, get organized before leaving on your trip by purchasing storage bins or donating unwanted toys your children no longer play with.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Yet another essential for full-time RV living with kids: meal planning. Avoid throwing together last-minute meals when your children are hungry by planning your meals ahead of time. Create a schedule that works for your crew and select meals that are easy to prep, and you know the entire family will love. Common choices include hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and cheeseburgers!

Select Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations

Before heading to your next destination, consider the activities available for children nearby. Find locations to land your new RV with parks or outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, or hiking!

Grab the Map

Get ready for the time of your life by planning for full-time RV living with kids with Delmarva RV Center!

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How To Care For Your Pet In An RV

RVing With Pets

Take Your Pets For A Spin

See every peak, valley, and early sunrise with the one who is always by your side, your beloved furry friend. Delmarva RV Center welcomes every pet parent to embrace the RV lifestyle with open arms and leash in hand as we cover all the top tips for RVing with pets. As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer and animal lovers ourselves, we understand there isn’t anywhere you don’t want to bring along your cat, dog, or other pets. View our expansive inventory of luxurious new and used RVs and look at our recommendations for RV pet safety below.

Delmarva RV Center

RV Pet Essentials

Answer the call of the wild by ensuring your RV is stocked with everything necessary for a successful road trip. Living in an RV with a dog or other critters can be a seamless experience by following these suggestions for future travels.

Bring Pet Medical Records

In case of emergency, it is always wise to bring along vital pet medical records when RVing with pets. Don’t forget to pack other medical supplies like a pet first aid kit and medication.

Living In An RV With A Dog

Keep Your Pet on the Brain

Stay mindful of your pet’s safety by selecting travel destinations that allow pets. Many parks allow visitors to bring dogs while on a leash, however, travelers living in an RV with cats will not be permitted to bring their feline companions along to most attractions. Avoid complications while RVing with pets by checking with a trusted source before heading to your target location.

A/C Is a Must

Help your pet stay cool even during the summer heat by adding a reliable air conditioner to your RV. This step is essential when RVing with pets as they overheat much quicker than humans.

Don’t Forget the Kibble

Bring along all the food and treats to avoid stopping on the road to stock up.

Watch for Other Animals

Keep your eye out for wild animals specific to your travel location, including mountain lions, snakes, scorpions, bears, fire ants, and the occasional moose.

Start Packing

Give your pet the very best life by following the tips for RVing with pets from Delmarva RV Center today!

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Top Places To Travel In America By RV

Plan Your Permanent Vacation

Are you eager to leave behind your daily grind and see the rest of the country up close? Discover the possibility of RVing across America with Delmarva RV Center, the Largest RV Dealer in Delaware. The RV lifestyle has a lot to offer individuals and families seeking a way to travel without hopping from hotel to hotel room. Enjoy the familiar comforts of home even while miles away from your bed by purchasing a luxurious new or used RV from our Delaware RV dealer. You will discover countless high-quality brands to check out, like Forest River, Coachmen, Dutchmen, and Fleetwood. Once you’ve snagged the RV of your dreams from Delmarva RV Center, start planning your explorations after viewing our suggestions for your RV trip around the U.S.

Delmarva RV Center

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone became the first-ever national park in 1872, and ever since, countless visitors have made the trip to encounter the beauty housed within the 2.2 million acres of land spanning Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Be sure to put this national park at the top of your list on your RVing trip across America to view attractions like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

Zion National Park

Zion features a rich history and picturesque views you won’t want to miss. Climb over the rocks the natives and pioneers once traveled over and visit the Human History Museum located within the park to discover how the stunning landscape within this Utah National Park connects to American history and culture.

Blue Ridge National Park

Blue Ridge, much like Yellowstone, spans over a significant portion of land and features gorgeous mountain views. Drive the 469-mile trail between North Carolina and Virginia to experience the American landscape and stop along one of the many campgrounds to take a hike or rest for the night.

Grab Your Suitcase

After viewing the roundup of the must-see spots on your RVing trip across America, we know you will be ready to make your purchase at Delmarva RV Center final. Visit us to find the RV of your dreams and start the trip of a lifetime today.

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What Is Your RV Lifestyle

Types Of RV Models

Get To Know Your RV Personality

There is nothing quite like spending some quality time in the great outdoors. Delmarva RV Center is here to help valued customers make that peaceful imagery your everyday reality as we cover our expansive selection of luxurious new and used RVs for sale at our Delaware RV dealership. As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we have plenty of affordable options waiting for you to check out, and we know we have just the right one for you. Purchasing a new RV is a significant investment, and it is essential to be sure of your choice. Our team has put together a brief overview of the different types of RVs and their primary functions to give you an idea of what your RV lifestyle may look like and the type of RV best suited for you.

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What Is Your RV Lifestyle?

Delmarva RV Center has tons of RVs in our inventory from industry-leading brands. Learn which RV configuration aligns with your adventure outlook as you browse through the varying types of RVs below.
Travel Trailers: Are you the life of the party everywhere you go? Travel trailers, and their counterpart, fifth-wheel travel trailers, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are perfect for social butterflies looking to bring friends and family with them.

Types Of RV Interiors

Class A Motorhomes: Do you wish to take the familiar comforts of home with you on the road? Class A Motorhomes are perfect for travelers who want to experience nature without giving up 21st-century necessities, like full bathrooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms.

Class B Motorhomes: Are you down to earth and easy-going? Check out a Class B Motorhome, which offers a flexible RV lifestyle going overboard on the glitz and glam.

Class C Motorhomes: Is your family your main focus? Are you interested in ways to travel affordably with kids? Class C Motorhomes are great options for family life as they are spacious, affordable, and versatile.

Choose Delmarva RV Center

Select the RV that best suits your RV lifestyle when you visit us today

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RV’ing During the Holidays

Holiday RV Travel Tips

Dashing Through The Snow

There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors during the holiday season. Trees are dressed with glistening snow, homes are decorated with lights from head to toe, and the quiet sense of peace in the air is the cherry on top of a great year. Are you searching for a fun way to spend the most wonderful time of the year? RV life offers a perfect solution! The professionals at Delmarva RV Center are delighted to wish our valued customers a happy holiday season as we provide a few holiday RV travel tips to get you started. Holidays sometimes call for time spent on the road, so what better way to head to your destination than in a luxurious new or used RV? Trade cramped backseat driving for warm, wide-open living space when you shop today!

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Holiday RV Travel Tips

As Delaware’s largest RV dealer, we know a thing about how to enjoy a successful getaway. By following our Holiday RV travel tips, you’re one step closer to a magical holiday season!

Stay In the Spirit on the Road

The holiday season likely calls for a few family traditions here and there. While spending time on the road, be sure to keep your favorite holiday activities in the mix!

Holiday RV Travel Tips

Eat Some Good Food

One of the best parts of the holidays is the decadent meals enjoyed with family and friends. If you’re assuming you’ll have to skip those while RV’ing, you’re wrong! Many modern RVs feature full kitchens offering an excellent place to cook your favorite seasonal dishes.

Explore Holiday Destinations

RV life provides families the opportunity to visit classic destinations well-known for going all out during the holiday season. A few locations to keep in mind include New York City, St. Augustine (Fla.), and Durango (Col.). If you decide to hit an area where it may snow, be sure to prepare your RV for winter driving by having it winterized for the season.

Contact Us

Ready to hit the road? Contact Delmarva RV Center to learn more Holiday RV travel tips!


Prepare Your RV For Winter Living

 Prepare RV for Winter Living

Stay Warm With Delmarva RV Center

The coming of cooler temperatures is typically a telltale sign of winter making its first appearance of the season. However, If you’re truly up for the experience of RV life on the go, a little cold isn’t going to slow you down. The experts at Delmarva RV Center are thrilled to assist our fellow adventure enthusiasts with the task of preparing your RV for winter living. Winter brings many fun aspects of the season along with its arrival — snow, holidays, extra family time, what could be better? However, this chilling time also brings an environment that can harm your RV if you’re not prepared. We have provided a list containing steps to prepare your RV for winter living. Learn more below.

Delmarva RV Center

Prepare Your RV for Winter

If you don’t properly prepare your RV for winter living, major issues could be in your future. Avoid damaging your RV, including burst pipes, dead batteries, and plumbing problems when you follow the helpful steps below.

Place Your RV in a Skirt

Extra insulation can be a lifesaver in cold weather. Protect your batteries, plumbing, and other essential components from the cold when you put your RV in a skirt.

Insulate Your Windows

The windows of your RV allow tons of heat to escape in the cold. Avoid that by adding further insulation such as solar blankets, foam insulation boards, or even heavyweight thermal curtains. Have questions about how to insulate your RV windows? Contact us today!

How to Insulate Your RV during Winter

Wrap Your RV Pipes in Heat Tape

While skirting your RV will be beneficial, wrapping your pipes in heat tape is another way to further insulate your RV. In addition, purchasing a heated RV water hose can be a big help, too!

Make Sure You’re Up to Date on Routine Service

During the cold, your RV has to work much harder to perform. Schedule a service appointment with us today to start preparing your RV for winter living.

Start Today

The sooner you begin to prepare your RV for winter living, the better! Luckily, the experts at Delmarva RV Center are here to help. Reach out today with any questions regarding how to insulate your RV during winter!


What Is RV Insurance?

what is rv insurance

Adventure With Peace of Mind

After searching for the perfect RV, you’ve finally found the right fit, and you’re ready to hit the road! Start your adventure off on the right foot with peace of mind knowing that your new investment is covered when you start the process of insuring an RV. The experts at Delmarva RV Center care deeply for your safety and would like to expand on the benefits of RV insurance coverage. Many of our valued customers have asked, “What is RV insurance, and why do I need it?” Well, we are here to help! RV insurance protects drivers if they happen to damage another vehicle or their own. Insurance agencies offer various coverage plans that depend on the amount of time you reside in the RV and the type of RV purchased. To learn more about “what is RV insurance?” view the information provided below.

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What does RV Insurance Cover?

Once you’ve chosen a coverage plan, it’s essential to be aware of everything covered in case of an accident. The following information below includes an overview of the standard coverage opportunities included with most RV insurance policies.

Damage Coverage

This aspect of your policy pertains to any theft, damage, accidents, acts of nature, windshield damage, and vandalism.

Injury and Property Damage

This type of coverage provides payment for any damage or physical injuries caused while behind the wheel of your RV. If you’re hit by a driver who is not covered, Uninsured property damage coverage assists in repairing or replacing your RV.

Medical Bills

If you’re harmed in an accident, your medical bills may be covered up to the amount listed in your plan. Contact us today with any questions regarding “what is RV insurance” and other types of coverage available.

what is RV insurance

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

After receiving the answer to “What is RV insurance?” many customers can drive with peace of mind knowing there are options available to keep them protected as they explore. Delmarva RV Center looks forward to starting this journey with you and will happily answer any other questions regarding what is RV insurance. Contact us today!


RVs vs. Hotels

RVs vs. Hotels

Enjoy Life on the Road

Many people dream of spending their spare time exploring the open roads and taking part in the thrills they offer. Hotels have been the standard choice for those on the go due to their abundance, availability, and various options for vacationers. While hotels do have advantages, RV life is often seen as superior when drivers consider the amount of money saved and the versatility, practicality, and functionality RVs allow. The professionals at Delmarva RV Center are prepared to guide valued customers through the process of purchasing an RV. They will gladly assist as you browse our large selection of in-stock top-tier, high-quality RVs. Read on to learn about the benefits of RVs compared to hotels.

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RV vs. Hotel Life Benefits 

RVs allow those on the go to enjoy an atmosphere that feels like a second home. Many families dream of owning their own, but don’t realize how possible that dream can be with the help of our experienced personnel. Here are some benefits of purchasing an RV compared to living the hotel life:

Bring the Whole Family 

RVs offer families more space and even feature multiple, separate rooms so everyone can pile in and enjoy time with the whole gang. Hotel rooms often only offer two beds and typically only enough room for three to four people.

Go the Distance 

When traveling in an RV, it is much easier to visit numerous locations in the span of one trip. If drivers plan to visit different places, they would need to secure hotels in each area versus the convenience of staying in one in an RV.

RVs vs. hotels

Make an Investment

Owning an RV versus renting a hotel room for an extended period allows you to make an investment and save a large amount of money in the long run. We are your financial experts and will help you find an affordable option for you!