How To Stay Safe While RVing

RV safety

Know RV Safety

The summertime — whether or not it is the dog days of the season — calls for unforgettable road trips, and there is no better vessel for adventure than an RV model. Though we at Delmarva RV Center want you to have all the fun in the world, we also want you to remain as safe as you can be while you traverse fascinating roads. That is why we gathered a list of RV safety tips so you can enjoy your journey with total peace of mind. We also welcome any questions regarding RV safety because we are here for you, 100%. The tips from the good folks at Delmarva RV Center include:

Learn To Drive Your RV. Though this may be obvious, an RV model can be a handful to manage. Practicing driving it will go a long way with your comfort behind the steering wheel.

Pack the Essentials. Remember to bring every item you will need for your trip, including emergency supplies. Ask the experts at DRVC for more information about this tip, especially regarding items that can help boost RV safety.

Check Travel Conditions. Before you head out, it is crucial to always find out how the weather will behave, if there is any roadwork, or any other obstacles that will delay your trip.

Stay Vigilant. A truly wise piece of advice about RV safety is to always remain aware of your surroundings, how other vehicles around you are behaving, what’s going on with the road ahead, etc.

RV safety

Here at DRVC, we hope you enjoy these RV safety tips and find them useful in all your future travels. We wish you nothing but fun on your future journeys and remember to always stay safe!

RV safety

Four Meals By The Campfire

easy campfire recipes

Savor These Tasty Campfire Meals In Paradise

The scenery in the wilderness makes for a beautiful view at the dinner table. Easy campfire recipes are the perfect complement when enjoying the company of friends and family in nature. Our friendly staff understands the importance of eating well with easy campfire cooking recipes, because you have limited resources but still have enough for a wholesome and nutritional dining experience. That is why we assembled this list of four meals that can be prepared with the campfire and simple cooking materials. Take a look below, and ask the sales professionals at Delmarva RV Center about more exciting activities for your next trip.

Cast Iron Fajitas

Grab your cast iron skillet, load it up with your favorite veggies and select a centerpiece such as steak, chicken, or shrimp. This easy campfire recipe boosts the flavor with all the ingredients cooking together as one. It allows for versatility because you can choose a variety of options, and everyone can scoop out their favorite parts for a delicious meal.

Shrimp Scampi Foil Dishes

This easy campfire recipe in foil showcases peeled shrimp mixed with your favorite spices and chopped vegetables. For a sweet flavor, mix a splash of fruit, or go for the spicy side with dashes of Old Bay.

easy campfire recipies

Black Bean Chicken Nachos

Another easy campfire recipe is taking sliced or pulled chicken, and mixing it with black beans, veggies, and tortilla chips inside a foil pack. This dish can be individually prepared on top of a rack over the campfire. Each person can add their unique flavors, such as lemon, buffalo ranch, barbecue, honey, and more. Cooking within the foil bakes the tortilla chips with a smokey crispness.

Cast Iron Country Breakfast

Add eggs, diced potatoes, cheese, and much more to your skillet for this campfire breakfast recipe the entire family will love. Customize this dish to your liking with variants, such as meat lovers or veggie delicious.

Start Your Adventure With Us!

Our professional staff is eager to help plan your next journey, so stop by Delmarva RV Center to learn more about other easy campfire recipes and destinations around the country perfect for a good time.

easy campfire recipes

We’re Your Destination For RV Parts!

RV parts for sale DE

If you have an RV, then you love to travel and explore as many unknown destinations as you can. You rely on it to get you exactly where you need to go, which is why it is imperative that you only use the finest RV parts for sale in DE that you can find. Delmarva RV Center is proud to be the trusted source for Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvanian RVers to find the exact parts to enhance how their recreational vehicles hit the road. The expert teams at any of our three locations are standing by to learn about the unique demands of your driving life and help you determine what type of parts will be the most beneficial. We understand that your RV model is your transport to driving adventures and we want to make sure it is outfitted with only the highest quality of RV parts for sale in DE. Upgrade how you hit the road today!

RV parts for sale DE

You will find an abundance of excellent parts when you stop by Delmarva RV Center. Our extensive inventory includes weight distribution hitches, 5th wheel hitch installation, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, car dollies, tow bars, and so much more. We also offer a propane refill center when you need to fuel up for your camping barbecues or keep warm during those chilly winter nights. As you browse through our vast selection of RV parts for sale in DE, feel free to ask any of our experienced team members any questions that you might have, and we will find the answers for you right away. It is critical to think about what kind of parts not only suit your unique RV model, but also what parts will complement what it already has. Keep us in mind whenever you ponder where to find superb RV parts for sale in DE and let us help you improve your road trips in style. We can’t wait to see you at Delmarva RV Center!

RV parts for sale DE

Summer RV Destinations

Summer RV Trips

Celebrate your hard work by going on, not one, but a handful of vacations via your RV during the summer months. Yes, you read that right. With all of the hard work and dedication you put into your schoolwork or 9-to-5 gig, you deserve to celebrate with RV summer road trips. Here at Delmarva RV Center, we understand that our nation offers some of the most spectacular views and how difficult it can be to choose where to go. Our knowledgeable team members decided to go on this trip with you by researching the best places to visit during this warm season. Discover more about our findings on the top RV summer road trips.

Summer RV Trips

Orlando, Florida

For those of you wanting a family-friendly vacation, we recommend that you take a look at Orlando, Florida. There, you can maneuver through Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, and even the famous Walt Disney World Resort. As you make your way to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, you can make base at campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. This will allow you to enhance the camping experience with your family. You will also never be bored in Orlando, as you can enjoy their delicious culinary scene, ocean views, and even golfing.

Acadia National Park

Soak in bird-watching views and feast your eyes on the picturesque views of the mountains and water. You can hike through Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest mountain on the North Atlantic coast, standing at 1,530 ft. high. You can also canoe into the freshwater, go climbing, and go on a bike ride for your daily exercises. You can also explore outside the park and into the town of Bar Harbor, where you can go on a whale-watching tour and even do some shopping.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The last summer RV road trip we highly recommend features untouched lakes and forests located in northeastern Minnesota. You can explore these grounds on canoes, biking, and also walking. You will discover that there are over 1,200 miles of canoe routes, 12 hiking trails, 2,000 designated campsites, and nearly 150 miles along the International Boundary. The good news about this adventure is that this is the perfect time to go, so pack up your things and start driving!

Visit Delmarva RV Center

Tap into these RV summer road trips by stopping by Delmarva RV Center and taking a look at our ample inventory. As the premier recreational vehicle dealer for new and pre-owned RV models, we are committed to helping you find the right RV or travel trailer. Start your RV summer road trips by visiting Delmarva RV Center today!

How To Clean The Interior Of Your RV

Delmarva RV Center

It is that time of year again where we can go out and enjoy the outdoors in an RV model that carries us through our journeys. But before you go out to enjoy the fresh air, it is also that time of the year when you have to clean out the RV interior to keep it in excellent condition. Before you begin your next adventure, you will need window cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, paper towels or kitchen towels, a vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a dustpan.

Start With The Ceilings

First, clean all of the vents of your RV interior by removing the screens and vent cover, taking them outside, and washing them with water and a disinfectant wipe. After that is complete, check if the vent is properly functioning. You can then move on to the air conditioner, where you should examine the vents and air filter. Finish by cleaning and wiping the ceilings.

Delmarva RV Center

Move On To The Bathroom

Use a disinfectant wipe for the toilet, walls, and showerhead. When cleaning a toilet, scrub then place a deodorizer in the toilet water tank to keep the smell fresh and clean. You can then move onto the floors with disinfectant spray or wipes and rinse it down the shower drain with a hose.

Clean Your RV Interior Cabinets!

On the inside, take out all of the unnecessary items, then wipe down the inside and outside. We highly recommend you check the wallpaper or discolored wood for any sign of water damage. Counters and dinettes are simple to clean in your RV interior when using disinfecting wipes.

Delmarva RV Center

Finally, the Floors!

First of all, take out the broom and dustpan and start sweeping away! Once you have finished sweeping every inch of the floor, start mopping with floor cleaner mix with water in a bucket. This completes your RV interior cleaning.

As you can see, RV interior cleaning is not so hard and can be done in a small amount of time. Once the task is complete, go out and start your next adventure in your RV model!

Delmarva RV Center

The Health Benefits Of RV’ing

The sun rising in the east begins the new day and signifies the start of a new adventure. When you go on an RV trip, you get to see the sunrise before many different vistas, and the excitement for a new journey engulfs the RV with great possibilities at hand. The sales team at Delmarva RV Center understands the value of these trips, and believe they are very healthy for your mind and body. With this in mind, we compiled a list of reasons why RV’ing is a healthy activity for the entire family.

Exploring The Outdoors

When you wake up in the morning in an RV model, your front door leads to a vast wilderness of lush grasses, tall trees, sandy beaches, stunning canyons, and more. No matter which destination you choose, you get great exercise exploring the wonders of nature on foot. The unique views are outstanding for the soul in a world filled with pavement, sidewalks, and generic-looking buildings.

Home-Cooked Meals With Local Flavor

While staying in a hotel, many load up on junk food or gorge at big-box restaurants or buffets. But when you go RV’ing, you can stock up on fresh foods because you will be doing the cooking for every meal. Depending on where you visit in your RV model, your meals will mirror the local culture, and you can put your own spin on the menu. You will eat healthier and enjoy the experience of something new every day.

Unplug From The World

Do you just want to get away from being on edge that at any moment the phone will ring to call to perform another task? When you go RV’ing, you could be a thousand miles from nowhere and out of reach to be pulled away from paradise. You will get to relax, unplug, and recharge your body with the sights and sounds of nature.

Remember these tips when you plan your next RV vacation, and come by to visit our team at Delmarva RV Center because we will be happy to help you with all your RV needs.

Setting Up Your RV For The First Time

first time RV owner checklist

First-Time RV Owner Checklist

Making sure you are properly equipped for your next big road trip is essential for setting up your campsite. Our professionals are committed to you enjoying every minute of your camping trip. In case this is your first time preparing for the great outdoors, Delmarva RV Center presents you with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your RV for the first time so you can confidently park your camper throughout your RV ownership. To park your RV in peace, browse our first-time RV owner checklist and enjoy the ultimate camping experience!

Essential Equipment To Bring.

Be sure to bring everything you may need for surviving the wilderness. Check out our full list on What To Bring When RVing for expert advice.

Parking Your RV At Your Campsite.

  • When you pull into the campsite, move slowly and carefully.
  • If possible, find a pull-through parking spot so you can avoid reversing. 
  • Ensure the outlet side of your RV model is closely aligned with the campsite connection towers.
  • Have an equal amount of space on all sides so your RV awnings and slideouts have adequate room to expand.
  • Make sure your RV is level to avoid damage to the infrastructure of your camper and costly repairs.
first time RV owner checklist

Hooking Up Electric

  • Carefully make sure that you have the proper adapter and attachments for the circuit breaker.
  • Hook up the connections to your RV model and then attach it to the breaker box. 
  • Turn on the breaker and enjoy your electric-powered RV.

Hooking Up Water

  • Hooking up water to your RV is as simple as hooking up your garden hose. 
  • Confirm that freshwater from the city or a tank is coming out of the water hookup. 
  • Secure one end of the hose to the connection at the campsite and the other to your RV.
  • An attachable water filter is useful to ensure you are always receiving freshwater.
first time RV owner checklist

Hooking Up Sewage

  • You may want to wear gloves when hooking up the sewage lines to your RV. 
  • Before you dig in, check to make sure that the black and gray water lines are closed.
  • Open up the sewage cap at the campsite and hook up the hose to the campsite.
  • Attach the hose to your RV model and clamp the end of the hose to ensure it is secured.
  • Slope the sewage hose in a way that allows it to naturally flow. 
  • Once you have hooked it up, run the sewage first, following by the gray water. 

During your camping excursion, if you are having any complications, be sure to check your RV owner’s manual or give us a call for assistance. The friendly team at Delmarva RV Center is happy to share first time RV owners tips that will get going in the right direction. Now that you have read through our first-time RV owner checklist, you can sit back and relax to harmonious sounds of nature while enjoying your barbecue.

first time RV owner tips

Stay Connected On The Road

When you are traveling from one beautiful destination to the next, we know you will want to share your pictures with family and friends or catch up on your latest streaming shows. To do so, you will need an internet signal to stay connected to the outside world, but you don’t want to solely rely on your cellular data because they could get costly and lead to slower streaming speeds. The experts at Delmarva RV Center have compiled this list with various RV technology to help you stay connected while you are on your next adventure.

Public Wi-Fi

The most inexpensive way to remain connected is by using public Wi-Fi. Many rest areas, restaurants, and campgrounds offer this complimentary service for your RV model. Though the service is free, your internet speeds can quickly slow depending on how many people are logged into the Wi-Fi. RV technology solutions to invest in include a Wi-Fi extending antenna or a repeater. These devices can strengthen your signal and allow you to watch your shows without a hitch.

Mobile Wi-Fi

RV technology has come a long way in the last two decades, and equipping your RV with a mobile Wi-Fi will give you consistently reliable coverage, whether you are at the campground or on the open road. Using mobile Wi-Fi is an excellent way for the kids to play their games with RV technologies on long trips from one destination to the next. When you research mobile Wi-Fi, check with different providers to make sure the locations you want to go to are in the coverage area.

Satellite Internet

This is another outstanding RV technological advancement. Having this service will provide you with consistent coverage for all of your streaming and social media postings. Your RV model can also turn into a mobile office, allowing you to complete work while enjoying the beautiful environment.

We welcome you to visit Delmarva RV Center to learn more about how we can make your next adventure the best time of your life.

The Positive Benefits of Full-Time RV’ing

Adventure is out there, especially for those who own an RV. Full-time RV’ing is a lifestyle to both build human connections or live life off the grid. If you want to start your journey into RV’ing, begin with an RV rental. Here are some facts the staff at Delmarva RV Center want to share about living life as a full-time RV’er:

Family time will become more tight-knit: For those of you who want to spend more time watching your kids grow up or spend extra time with your parents, traveling in an RV will build that bond. As you think about that RV rental, keep in mind that as you drive to your new destination, you can learn more about that particular person through asking questions, holding conversations, and laughing along the way. Once you get to your destination, this is an opportunity to share a moment with a loved one by learning how to surf or maybe roasting marshmallows by a campfire. Building memories is crucial without needing a smart device to aid that connection. Once you decide on an RV rental, you are one step closer to building bonds.

Learning something new every day: For parents, this could be an opportunity to teach their kids firsthand experiences outside the classroom. Taking them specifically to places like the Eastern Shore of Maryland and throughout Delaware to learn more about key figures in history — including Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass — can be easier to absorb than a textbook. Whether or not it is an intentional education, the activities build the minds of everyone involved. We encourage you to be on the lookout for RV rentals in Maryland or RV rentals in Delaware to start your own journey of discovery.

You are living life without the weight of extra possessions: Full-time RV’ers lead simpler lives without the extra baggage that a home entails, including a garage full of things you have not seen since 2009. When you are inside your RV rental, you will learn that the fewer possessions you have, the more room that remains for adventure.

You save money: When becoming a full-time RV’er, you don’t have to worry about a pet deposit, the high cost of insurance, and maintenance fees. All that money you save in a year can go toward more adventures on your bucket list. When becoming a nomad, there are no reservations to keep you tied to one place. As you decide where to go on your next vacation, look up RV rental costs, and you will find that it is a highly affordable method of transportation.

Ultimately, full-time RV’ing holds a lot of key benefits that you can take advantage of without being tied down to obligations that keep you in one place. Collecting memories, not possessions, is not only spontaneous but also a rewarding accomplishment you can one day look back upon. Here at Delmarva RV Center, your RV rental is one step closer to you deciding on full-time RV’ing.

7 Travel Tips for the New Year

Local RV Supply Store

The new year has arrived, and you probably have a lot of ideas on what you can do to make this year the best one yet! You may want to travel more, spend more time outside, visit relatives, and more. This year, we want you to make good on your New Year’s Resolution to travel more. Our team at your local RV supply store has compiled a list of seven tips to help you keep your travel promise. After you plan your trip, stop in at Delmarva RV Center, and we can help you find the perfect RV or camper for your upcoming adventure.

Make Goals

Start the year by making several goals for your travel season. You may want to visit as many lighthouses on the East Coast as you can. Maybe you want to camp under the stars in all the state parks in a particular region. Your goals can be anything! Making a travel checklist of goals will give you and your family a clear objective to achieve during the year.

Go Offseason

Every destination has a peak season, so your local RV supply store recommends you visit during the offseason. By doing offseason travel, you can save money with offseason rates, spend less time in crowds, and experience the location with different weather patterns. You may want to see the snow-covered coast of Maine or enjoy the summer Colorado sky in the Rocky Mountains.

Take Your Time

The hustle and bustle of life can be draining when you have to go in multiple directions. Use these trips to recharge and take in all the incredible beauty in nature. If you want to go for seven days, make it eight!

Delmarva RV Center

Visit Friends and Family

Do you have an old high school friend you have not seen in forever? How about your favorite aunt and cousins? Pack up your travel trailer and set your navigation to their home town. With an RV for sale from Delmarva RV Center, you can save money by staying at a local campground and spend several days or even a whole week catching up.

Invest In Memberships

Make a note of the places you visit the most and research if they offer memberships. You can save a lot of money through frequent-visitor benefits. Locations such as campgrounds, amusement parks, and museums may offer discounts to companion sites. 

Plan Your Route With RV Trip Wizard

Using the RV Trip Wizard gives you a comprehensive visual guide when you set off on your journey. The program plots your starting point, your ending point, and everywhere in between. This makes it easy to research your next stop. 

Go As Often As You Can

Have you left yet? Go now. Go often. And go again. Take all the opportunities you have to travel and see new and old places. Whether you want to visit a lot of places or just a few, enjoy them by going again.

We hope you find magnificent destinations during your trip around the sun. Come visit our team at Delmarva RV Center, and we can help you find more information about your choices and show you our outstanding RVs and travel trailers.

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