What Is a Park Model RV?

What Is a Park Model RV?

Escape The Grind:
What Is A Park Model RV?

If you’re eager to leave behind the realities of residential life for spur-of-the-moment travels, you’re not limited to the standard tent and sleeping bag. Delmarva RV Center is here to fuel your need for adventure as we explore, “What is a park model RV?” and the many benefits in store. Park model RVs are recreational vehicles that offer travelers the opportunity for full or long-term RV living in RV parks and other similar locations. These types of RVs feature the comforts of home with the ability to see your favorite places from your window. Follow along with Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer and discover the ins and outs of our bestselling park model RVs and why this could be your perfect travel companion!

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Can You Live in a Park Model Year-Round

Hidden Gems: Park Model RV Features & Amenities

Park model RVs are often compared to tiny homes because of their similar size and features. However, as we answer, “What is a park model RV?” you’ll see the subtle, yet intriguing differences. Park model RVs are designed per ANSI housing standards, regulating their features to 400 sq. ft on a single chassis with wheels and multiple axles. They also require full electricity, sewer, and water connections since they don’t have tanks, and therefore are generally not suited for camping in places without full RV hookups, such as state parks. Though tiny, don’t underestimate the comfort and luxury a park model RV can provide.

Compact Style

Park model RVs have peaked roofs, large windows, and other residential home features.

Park Model RVs for Sale in Delaware

Living & Storage Space

Park model RVs utilize the interior space to the fullest with ample floor space, spacious kitchens, and well-furnished bedrooms and bathrooms.

Exterior Slide-outs

When family or friends arrive, add space to your park model RV with exterior slide-outs, which can increase the floor space to make more room for company.

Can You Live in a Park Model RV Year-Round?

Park model RVs are often used for seasonal travel, but some people choose to live in them year-round. To determine if annual use of a park model RV is right for you, check your local and state guidelines for information on year-round park model RV use.

Park Model RVs for Sale in Delaware

Can I Live in an RV?

Can I live in an RV?

Hit The Road & Embrace Freedom: Can I Live In An RV?

The allure of the open road and the freedom to explore new destinations whenever the mood strikes — full-time RV living ignites this sense of adventure in many. But the question lingers: Can I live in an RV? The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s examine the world of full-time RV living and explore the possibilities with Delmarva RV Center.

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Full Time RV Living

Full-Time RV Living: A Downsized Dream

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking sunrise over a mountain range or the gentle lull of ocean waves. Full-time RV living offers a unique lifestyle, trading a traditional house for a mobile one. It fosters a minimalist approach, encouraging you to prioritize experiences over possessions. Can I live in an RV comfortably? Absolutely! Modern RVs are equipped with all the essentials for comfortable living, including kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters.

Finding Your RV Oasis

Living in an RV full-time on your own land is an ideal scenario for some. If you own a property with ample space, you can park your RV and potentially connect it to utilities for a more permanent feel. However, zoning regulations in some areas might restrict full-time RV living on public or private property. Researching local and state ordinances is crucial before setting up camp.

Living at a Campground

Can You Live at a Campground?

Absolutely! Many campgrounds offer long-term stays, providing a sense of community and access to laundry facilities, restrooms, and sometimes even pools. For those who crave a more social setting, RV parks cater specifically to full-time residents, offering amenities and planned activities. One thing to consider ahead of time is a permanent domicile if you plan to change locations regularly. Even full-time traveling RVers must still have a permanent state of residency to which they pay taxes and receive mail.

Why Choose the RV Life?

There are numerous reasons why full-time RV living is an excellent option for many. Here are a few.

Financial Freedom
RVs can be significantly cheaper than traditional housing, especially when considering property taxes and maintenance costs.

Travel and Exploration
With your home on wheels, you can explore the country — or even the continent — at your own pace, discovering new places and cultures.

Simplified Living
RV life encourages minimalism, prompting you to declutter your possessions and focus on experiences.

Increased Flexibility
Need a change of scenery? Hitch up and move! Full-time RV living allows ultimate flexibility in choosing where you want to live.

Can I Live in an RV?

If you crave adventure, value flexibility, and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, RV living could be the perfect fit. Embark on this unique and rewarding journey with careful planning, research, and an adventurous spirit!

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Buying an RV for the First Time

Buying an RV for the First Time

Welcome To The Club: Buying An RV For The First Time

The solution to effortless travel exists, and it’s waiting for you at Delmarva RV Center! As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we’re proud to fuel your adventures and give you the tools to wake up with the sunrise and fall asleep under the stars. If you’re buying an RV for the first time, you may be unsure where to start. That’s where we come in! Follow along for our top tips and discover the perfect RV for your lifestyle for sale in Delaware today!

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Set Your Goal

Full- or part-time RV living is one of the most important decisions you will make as an RV owner. This will influence many other factors on your journey, like what type of RV is best for you, who can travel with you, and what type of sites can accommodate your RV.

No Payments for 90 Days

Accommodations, Amenities, & More

Before buying an RV for the first time, consider the features and amenities important to you and those traveling with you. Will you need extra storage space? Or multiple bedrooms? Is your kitchen or bathroom your favorite room in the house? These are all things to consider when deciding what type of RV is right for you.

Types of RVs: To Tow or to Drive?

RVs are divided into two categories: towable and drivable. Towable RVs are hitched behind your vehicle and are usually best pulled by SUVs or full- to mid-size trucks. These RVs include travel trailers, pop-up campers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and teardrop campers.

Drivable RVs are typically motorhomes with a cab and an engine within Class A, Class B, or Class C RVs. These RVs can be gasoline or diesel-powered and often feature garage-like storage spaces for golf carts, bikes, and other travel gear.

How Long Can You Finance an RV?

How Long Can You Finance an RV?

RV loans typically range from 10 to 15 years. However, we’d love to take the pressure of making immediate payments off your shoulders. Enjoy no payments for up to 90 days with our affordable RV payment plans. Contact us today for more information.

Discover Your New RV

If you’re buying an RV for the first time, welcome! Start your newest adventure with the help of your friends at Delmarva RV Center today.

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Waterfront RV Parks

Cast a Line and Unwind: Exploring Delaware’s Enchanting Waterfront RV Parks

Delaware’s coastline beckons with its sandy shores, charming beach towns, and sparkling waters. And what better way to experience it than with a relaxing stay at one of the state’s many waterfront RV parks? Here at Delmarva RV Center, we know the allure of the open road and the comfort of your RV. So, fuel up your wanderlust and explore some of Delaware’s most captivating waterfront RV parks, offering something special for couples, families, and kids alike.

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Treasure Beach RV Park & Campground: Selbyville, DE

Nestled on Delmarva’s Eastern Shore, just across the Delaware border, Treasure Beach RV Park & Campground offers a slice of paradise for every kind of traveler. Couples can enjoy romantic strolls along the private beach, while families can build sandcastles, splash in the on-site pools, or cast a line off the fishing pier. Kids will have a blast on the playground or participating in organized activities. Treasure Beach is a true haven for those seeking a waterfront escape with all the comforts of home.

Indian River Inlet RV Campground: Dewey Beach, DE

Located just steps from the pristine sands of Dewey Beach, Indian River Inlet RV Campground caters to the adventurous spirit. Couples can enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding in the Indian River Inlet, while families can take a thrilling boat tour to spot local wildlife. Kids will love the on-site arcade and playground, making Indian River Inlet the perfect place for an action-packed waterfront getaway.

Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay: Millsboro, DE

For those seeking a luxurious waterfront RV experience, Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay is the answer. This upscale resort boasts stunning bay views, a private beach, and sparkling swimming pools. Couples can unwind with a spa treatment or a romantic sunset cruise, while families can enjoy mini-golf, watersports rentals, and organized activities. Kids will be entertained for hours at the splash pad or the on-site game room. Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay offers a taste of coastal living at its finest.

Shop Delmarva RV Center

These are just a few of the many delightful waterfront RV parks dotting Delaware’s coastline. No matter your interests, there’s a perfect spot waiting to welcome you. So pack your swimsuit, fishing rod, and sense of adventure, and start planning your unforgettable Delaware waterfront RV adventure! Visit Delmarva RV Center today and let us help you find the perfect RV for your coastal escape.

Delaware Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

Delaware Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

The Great Outdoors & Man’s Best Friend: Pet-Friendly Campgrounds In Delaware

A house isn’t a home without your favorite furry four-legged family members, and neither is an RV! Luckily, in Delaware — in most cases — where you lead, your pets can follow. Delmarva RV Center understands that your pets are a part of the package. That’s why, as Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we’ve compiled the best pet-friendly campgrounds in Delaware to get you started. Follow along to find your next newest adventure, and visit us to discover our luxurious new and used RVs for sale in Delaware.

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Cape Henlopen State Park Campground: Lewes, Delaware

Cape Henlopen State Park Campground is one of the top pet-friendly campgrounds in Delaware. Located in Lewes, this Eastern Shore state park has the honor of being one of the first public lands in the United States and is accessible by car, RV, or boat. Travelers searching for a quiet and picturesque place to relax and unwind will fall in love with this beautiful area. Enjoy many outdoor activities with your family members and pets at Cape Henlopen State Park Campground, including:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Biking
  • Bird watching
  • & More!
Pet-Friendly Campgrounds in Delaware

Delaware Seashore State Park Campground: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean lies two pet-friendly Delaware campgrounds on the north and south sides of the Indian River Inlet. Either of these top-rated spots is perfect for campers seeking a beach destination with fun activities for the whole family.

  • Boat Service
  • Hiking & Walking Trails
  • Fishing
  • Access to the Indian River Life-Saving Station, a must-see for visitors.
Pet-Friendly Campgrounds in Delaware

Trap Pond State Park Campground: Laurel, Delaware

Explore a 3,600-acre freshwater wetland at Trap Pond State Park Campground, a pet-friendly RV park. This recreational area supports some of the last natural strands of bald cypress trees and serves as a natural habitat for local birds and wildlife like herons, owls, woodpeckers, eagles, and more. Sightsee while visiting this dog-friendly campground and check out other recommended activities, such as:

  • Nature Center
  • 10 Miles of Multi-Use Trails
  • Boat Rentals
  • Water Access
  • Fishing
  • Sport Courts

Plan Your Trip

Take your best friend wherever the road leads at these pet-friendly campgrounds in Delaware. Visit Delmarva RV Center to shop today!

5th Wheel vs. Travel Trailer

5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

Travel-Ready Campers

When deciding on your next adventure, Delmarva RV Center in Delaware knows you have various options, but learning what makes each option unique to suit your preferences makes preparations and decisions easier for you. We’re going to compare the 5th wheel model vs. the travel trailer so you can decide how you want to gear up to take on the journey ahead.

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Contrasting the Trailers

One of the key distinctions of the 5th wheel camper vs. the travel trailer is that it has a “tongue” that extends from the top of the cabin and hangs over the truck bed of the pickup truck qualified to haul it. They also tend to weigh heavier, from as little as 5,000 lbs. up to 20,000 lbs., and average anywhere between 25 ft. to 45 ft. in length. A travel trailer, on the other hand, has a rectangular body and could actually be attached to an SUV, pickup, or any car with the appropriate towing capacity and ball hitch. They weigh as little as 1,200 lbs. and up to 8,500 lbs. on average, and are generally 10 ft. to 38 ft. in length. A 5th wheel is typically equipped with more luxurious living amenities than a travel trailer, as it has large living rooms, kitchens, fireplaces, multiple bathrooms, 3-5 slideouts to expand the overall living space, and elevated spaces to provide more privacy. The travel trailer utilizes its space for similar features, but to a lesser degree, as it’s geared towards minimalism. Keeping these facts in mind will help you decide between the 5th wheel model vs. the travel trailer.

Gooseneck Towing vs 5th Wheel Towing

Bumper Towing vs. 5th Wheel Towing

When discussing the towing abilities of the 5th wheel vs. the travel trailer, there are two kinds they’re able to utilize. With bumper towing, it uses the towing hitch on any-sized vehicle capable of hauling travel trailers, and they’re cheaper to maintain. It also doesn’t put any strain on the vehicle’s wheels, but it’s slightly difficult to maneuver due to the pivot point between them. 5th wheel towing involves a hitch head that has a plate and jaws to wrap around the trailer’s kingpin. It’s a heavy assembly that takes up more space in the truck bed but provides smooth and stable towing. Additionally, it accommodates a variety of weight capacities and is great for RVs and recreational towing. Ultimately, it comes down to how often and how heavily you intend to tow, and whether or not you’re okay with the assemblies for bumper towing vs. 5th wheel towing.

See For Yourself

Now that you’re equipped with more understanding of the 5th wheel vs. the travel trailers, Delmarva RV Center is prepared to help you gear up for your trip. Pay us a visit to get started.

RVs for Sale in Delaware

*See dealer for complete details.

Best Place to Buy an RV in Delaware

Best Place to Buy an RV in Delaware

Delaware’s RV Destination

When adventure is calling, there is only one place to build your travel toolbag: the best place to buy an RV in Delaware, Delmarva RV Center! As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we know a thing or two about transitioning into fun mode and keeping our valued customers happy. Whether you’re after a restful weekend accompanied by the comfort of home or a luxurious travel trailer spacious enough for the entire family, we have what you need! Visit one of our two Delaware locations in Milford or Milford North, and begin your search through our expansive and affordable new and used RV inventories to find the right fit for your needs and budget. While you browse, allow our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to share more about why you should choose Delmarva RV Center vs. Camping World!

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Effortless Financing

Begin your journey to RV ownership with a stress-free financing experience when you shop at the best place to buy an RV in Delaware. Get started from anywhere and fill out our trusted online credit application to access affordable RV financing and 90 days without payments.

Limitless Options

Score a bestselling RV from class-leading brands like Dutchmen, Forest River, and Jayco with top trimmings the whole family will love. Take your pick from several configurations, like travel trailers, fifth wheelers, toy haulers, and more, and enhance your travels with spa-like bathrooms, full kitchens, several floor plans, and numerous other luxuries.

Best Place to Buy an RV in Delaware

RV Delivery

Get your RV delivered from the best place to buy an RV in Delaware if you live within 100 miles of one of our two locations.* Pick out the RV you’re dying to own and schedule RV delivery to have your new RV brought to your home with the necessary paperwork to complete the sale.

RV Service

Are you planning to enjoy the open road soon? Schedule RV maintenance and repairs at our state-of-the-art service center with our experienced service technicians.

Best Place to Buy an RV in Delaware

Come See Us

Are you ready to shop with the experts at the best place to buy an RV in Delaware? Visit Delmarva RV Center and find your favorite new RV today!

RVs for Sale in Delaware

*See dealer for complete details.

Best East Coast RV Campgrounds

Best East Coast RV Campgrounds

Best RV Campgrounds on the East Coast

The East Coast of the United States boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes, from pristine beaches and lush forests to rugged mountains and historic landmarks. As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we know that it’s a haven for campers seeking breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Join Delmarva RV Center as we embark on a journey through some of the best East Coast RV campgrounds, where each location promises an unforgettable experience.

Delmarva RV Center

Assateague Island National Seashore, MD and VA

There are campgrounds, and then there’s Assateague Island, a place where camping becomes a magical encounter with nature. Located on the eastern seaboard, straddling the border of Maryland and Virginia, Assateague Island is a unique and captivating destination that should be on every camper’s bucket list. Known for its wild pony population, bayside and oceanside camping, fishing, and crabbing, you will never face boredom at this beautiful campground. It’s safe to say that Assateague is one of the best RV parks on the East Coast and the top recommendation from your friends at Delmarva RV Center.

Cape Cod Camp Resort and Cabins, Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod has long been a beloved vacation spot known for its stunning coastal landscapes, charming towns, and maritime heritage. Cape Cod Camp Resort takes full advantage of this breathtaking setting, providing campers with the best East Coast RV campground for exploring the Cape’s treasures. Offering amenities like swimming pools and full hookup sites for water, electricity, and sewer connections, you’ll be sure to camp in comfort without sacrificing the beauty of nature.

Best RV Parks East Coast

Blackwoods Campground, Acadia National Park, ME

Acadia National Park is a true gem of the East Coast, encompassing a diverse range of landscapes, from lush forests to rocky coastlines such as the stunning Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, and more. Blackwoods Campground places you right at the heart of this natural wonderland, making it one of the best East Coast RV campgrounds for all that Acadia has to offer.

Camp Hatteras RV Resort and Campground, Outer Banks, N.C.

The Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, is known for its unique geography and rich maritime history. This setting creates the perfect backdrop for Camp Hatteras, where you can enjoy an Best East Coast RV Campgrounds that’s as close to the ocean as it gets. Whether you’re a beachcomber, sunbather, or surfer, Camp Hatteras should be at the top of your list.

RV Trips East Coast

Rivers End Campground and RV Park, Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island, often referred to as “Savannah’s Beach,” is a barrier island along the Georgia coast. With its pristine beaches, salt marshes, and a lively yet laid-back atmosphere, Tybee Island is one of the best East Coast RV campgrounds for a coastal camping adventure. At Rivers End, you’ll enjoy direct access to South Beach, North Beach, Back River Beach, Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum, and many watersport opportunities as well. Once your fun-packed day is done, fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature, with the Atlantic Ocean as your lullaby.

Embark on your journey now!

The East Coast of the United States offers a rich tapestry of camping experiences, from serene coastal getaways to mountain adventures. Each location on this list of best RV campgrounds on the East Coast presents an opportunity to connect with nature, create lasting memories, and indulge in the diverse beauty that the East Coast has to offer. So, pack your camping gear, pay us a visit at Delmarva RV Center for any of your RV needs, and enjoy your RV trips on the East Coast!

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National Camping Month

National Camping Month

Welcome To The Great Outdoors: National Camping Month Edition

Celebrate National Camping Month with your friends at Delmarva RV Center! As Delaware’s Largest RV Dealer, we’re here to help you get ready for whatever adventures lie ahead. Camping is a beloved family pastime, but if you don’t relish the idea of sleeping on the ground, we’re one step ahead of you! Enjoy everything National Camping Month offers and more in a luxurious new or used RV for sale in Delaware. Check out our expansive selection of best-selling configurations from top RV brands, like Jayco, Dutchmen, Forest River, and Coachmen. Once you’ve selected the perfect RV for your crew, hit the road and see all the sites with your favorite people. Follow along with Delmarva RV Center to learn more about the best month to go camping and activities you should add to your family fun sheet!

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June Is National Camping Month!

National Camping Month has been celebrated every June since the 1970s! Because of this, June is one of the best times to go camping, as parks, campsites, and RV resorts encourage families to get outdoors and spend quality time in nature. Check out some of the best June camping destinations to check out, and be sure to try a few of our camping activity suggestions when you arrive!

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park features over 50,000 acres of land with 24 lakes, 158 miles of scenic hiking trails, and five campgrounds. Start National Camping Month here to explore Acadia Mountain and other campground activities, like Wildwood Stables for guests with horses.

National Camping Month

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah National Park fills over 199,200 acres with 500 miles of trails, a 9.4-mile hike to Old Rag Mountain, and beautiful forests and waterfalls to take in at your leisure. Guests can select from five campgrounds and book online to get their trips scheduled well in advance!

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

Join us on the Eastern Shore for National Camping Month at Assateague Island National Seashore, home of the wild Assateague ponies. Enjoy 37 miles of gorgeous beaches with tons of activities for the whole family to experience, like swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, crabbing, biking, kayaking, and watching wild horses.

Book your Trip

Summer is here, and it’s time to get out and explore! Visit Delmarva RV Center to purchase a new or used RV for sale for National Camping Month in Delaware.

RVs for Sale in Delaware

Best New Jersey Campgrounds For Your RV

Best NJ RV Campgrounds & Resorts

Your Guide To New Jersey RV Campgrounds

New Jersey is a mecca for adventure and a fun spot many families and travelers hit to enjoy everything the Garden State offers. Whether you’re seeking a thrill in Atlantic City, ready to hit the beach, or searching for the best RV campgrounds in NJ, you’ll find a little something for everyone awaiting you. Delmarva RV Center is here to share the top New Jersey campgrounds to supply inspiration for your next upcoming road trip. Follow along with your friends at Delmarva RV Center to discover our favorite places to see with your family, and start planning your trip immediately!

Delmarva RV Center

Ocean View Resort Campground

Ocean View Resort Campground is located in Ocean View, NJ, and is one of the best RV campgrounds in NJ. Nestled on the seaside of the Jersey Shore, this family-friendly RV resort is the perfect spot for beautiful ocean views, swimming, fishing, and hiking. Enjoy spacious campsites with many on-site amenities, like lake access, nearby beaches, a clubhouse, a splash pad, a pool, and restrooms with showers.

Ocean Isle Campground

Ocean Isle Campground is a 28-acre RV campground in Ocean View, NJ, near local attractions like Ocean City and Sea Isle City. If the beach is your ideal destination, look no further than this well-loved RV park with several opportunities for fun close by, including an on-site pool, two playgrounds, an arcade, and driving distance to local activities like seaside golf courses, wineries, restaurants, and the ocean boardwalk.

Pine Haven Campground

Pine Haven Campground is here for thrill seekers and relaxers alike. Located in Ocean View, NJ, the Pine Haven Campground resort is one of NJ’s best family RV campgrounds and features many family-oriented activities. Your kids will enjoy multiple play areas, arcades, and swimming pools, while the adults can relax by the pool or check out the campground ice cream shop, Little Harry’s, with comfortable and shaded outdoor seating.

Sea Grove Camping Resort

Enjoy a little bit of everything at the Sea Grove Camping Resort. As one of the best NJ RV campgrounds, campers can access spacious campsites, on-site amenities, a snack bar, a pool, and local Ocean View attractions like beaches, breweries, and eateries. Choose Sea Grove Camping Resort if you’re eager to relax without separating yourself from the action, with many fun-filled activities at your fingertips!

Hit the Road

A new adventure is closer than you think! Visit Delmarva RV Center to shop for bestselling new and used RVs for sale in Delaware, and discover where the road is taking you next!

RVs for Sale in Delaware