Why Should I Skip The RV Show?

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The month of September is always a busy time, especially in the RV world, because there are tons of shows to visit and explore. Though that may be fun, going to all of those RV shows can also mean a lot of stress, perhaps even leaving you overwhelmed with no one to trust. If you are wondering, “Should I skip the RV show?” or where to shop for an exciting new RV for sale, then look no further. Here at your local RV supply store, you will be treated with the unparalleled courtesy and respect you deserve, have your questions addressed right away, and be able to choose from an array of the most renowned motorhomes in the RV world. Helping create your family’s getaway to the great outdoors is our passion. Whether you are seeking a fifth-wheel, travel trailer, toy-hauler or perhaps a larger Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome, we have an abundance of variety! There is no need to wander bewildered around an RV show and getting hassled with prices when you can come and see your friends at Delmarva RV Center!

When you attend an RV show, not only do you not receive that one-on-one courteous attention, you also miss out on price-matched deals and premier savings. Our entire team has years of expertise in elevating the way people experience nature, and as a standard, we continuously stay up-to-date with the latest RV technologies and research. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to listen intently, let you test drive whichever RV models pique your interest, and find a compatible price that suits your budget. We have the RV for sale that you have always wanted, whether your adventures entail a long-term, cross-country trek, or maybe more along the lines of a weekend camping trip. Here at your local RV supply store, our highly-trained service technicians have carefully inspected each model in our inventory and are ready to repair any issues that may occur along the way. We can confidently say “Yes!” about whether you should skip the RV show and let us show you why our loyal customers continue to call us their No. 1 destination for finding the perfect RV for sale.

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Cooking By The Campfire Recipes To Enjoy

It’s that time of year to pack up the RV and head to the mountains, beach, or countryside. No matter what your destination is, you will want to make sure that everyone has a happy belly! There’s no need to heat up your RV, go rustic, and light a campfire!  Sure, you can always grill some burgers and hot dogs, but our cooking styles and dining expectations have certainly evolved considerably over the last decade or so. There’s no need to leave that behind when you head to the great outdoors, as long as you go prepared with a few essential items in your culinary arsenal. Perhaps the two most important tools are a cast-iron skillet and a supply of aluminum foil. Cast-iron, in additional to being the quintessential cook’s tool, is ideal for campfire cooking due to its versatility and durability. You can prepare all of your meals in one skillet.  Aluminum foil (or heavy-duty aluminum bags) is invaluable as well, as you can create delectable “foil packet” meals. 
Some fantastic recipes to learn include:

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To make preparing your feast even easier, plan your meals before leaving the modern comforts of your home, and prep as many ingredients ahead of time as possible.  You can store these items in pre-portioned zip-lock bags and even put liquids, such as pancake batter, scrambled eggs, olive oil, and salad dressings into squeeze bottles. Another helpful tip is to put a little cooking oil on the camp grill. Natural cooking oil will help prevent your food from sticking to your grill and help keep your cast iron seasoned. Also, it will help to reduce clean-up time by preventing food from sticking onto your pan. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to keep fall of your food hidden away, as you certainly do not want to share your supplies with the local wildlife! Either keep your food in a locked box, high in a tree, or your vehicle. This will protect you and your family, as well as the local wildlife. Hit the road this summer, and take your culinary flair with you!  Delmarva RV Center is your RV supply store for all of your camping needs, and we are here to answer your questions.  Contact us today!

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What to Bring When RVing

Are you brand new to the RV experience? Is this your first time hitting the road behind the wheel of your RV? Maybe you’ve RVed before but you just didn’t feel as prepared as you wanted to be. Your local RV supply store has crafted a list of some essential items that you should bring along with you each and every time you go RVing. Once you purchase your first RV for sale from the Delmarva RV Center, make sure you consult this list so you can be ready for whatever your RVing experience throws at you. Plus you can save time when you pack by following this list!

  • Bath Soap, Shampoo
  • Washcloths, Towels
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste
  • Toilet Paper
  • Skin Care Products (Lotion, Powder, Tissues)
  • Deodorant
  • Drinkware (Cups, Mugs)
  • Grill
  • Toaster
  • Plates, Bowls
  • Eating and Cooking Utensils (Spoons, Knives, Tongs, Spatula)
  • Pots, Pans
  • Bottle Opener, Can Opener
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil, Tupperware
  • Soap, cleaning supplies
  • Trash Bags
  • Lighter
  • Bedding
  • Laundry supplies (Hamper, detergent)
  • Water
  • Food (Non-perishable)
  • First Aid Kits
  • Flashlights
  • Map
  • Sunscreen, Bug Spray
  • Athletic gear (Shoes, Clothing)
  • Rain jacket
  • Pen and paper

Keep in mind these are just the essentials of what you should be bringing with you. If you need any other supplies to keep yourself happy, entertained, or safe on your trip, then make sure that you pack them as well. If you have any other questions about what you should be bringing, feel free to contact your local RV supply store today and talk with our expert team.  

Camping Trips For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is fast approaching and that means it is time to take a short, yet much-needed, vacation. If the weather is nice, then you definitely will want to load the family in your RV model and hit the road for a camping trip in the wilderness. Not only is taking a camping trip a great way to take a break from the demands of your hectic life, but it also can bring your family or friends closer to one another. The team at your RV supply store wants you to have as much as fun as you can and really enjoy being in the great outdoors. That is why we have put together several tips for you and your group to use to make your trip even more memorable. These tips are here to act as a guide and to make planning a camping trip even easier. At Delmarva RV Center, we want everyone in your group to relax this Memorial Day weekend. Check out what the staff at your destination for RVs for sale suggest you do to have a wonderful camping trip.

  • Choose Your Campground. The most important thing to do is to research what campground best fits the needs of your group. There are many different areas across Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania that you can go camping in that range from having access to electricity and plumbing to just being a spot in the woods where you can park your RV model. We think that you should ask your group what their preference is, along with asking us to pass along our recommendations for campgrounds that everyone will love.
  • Inspect Your Vehicle. Before you head out, it is crucial that you examine your RV camping trailer or other RV model for any noticeable issues. We recommend that you check the status of your tires, your brakes, your battery, the level of your fluids, and other components. If you have an RV model, then you should schedule a service appointment with our expert team at your RV supply store to get it operating at peak performance.
  • Bring Plenty Of Supplies. You definitely will want to pack plenty of supplies for your Memorial Day camping trip. Even if you are not going to be gone long, it is a smart idea to do so because you never know what will happen out in the wild. We suggest that you bring non-perishable food items, lots of water, spare clothes, an emergency kit, first-aid tools, flashlights, chargers and batteries, tents, and more. These supplies should be tightly packed and safely stored away. Though your group may decide to just stay in your RV model, having these supplies with you are sure to bring you peace of mind.
  • Find The Right Campsite. As soon as you arrive at your chosen campground, you will want to choose a campsite that works for everyone who is with you. Factors to look for include a relatively open space, trees to give you an air of privacy, and easy access to various trails, commodities (if available) and lots of driving room for your RV model. Be sure to ask the professionals at your destination for RVs for sale about what else to look for in picking the perfect campsite.
  • Stay Aware. Though it sounds dire, being aware of your surroundings and being mindful of the fact that you are in nature will always be a crucial part of camping. This involves getting the contact information of everyone in your group and the staff at the campground you are in, ensuring that your supplies are preserved, employing the buddy system, and leaving your site the way you found it. While camping in an RV model can bring you the convenience of home, it is always a good idea to stay alert in the outdoors.

One of the biggest tips that our staff at Delmarva RV Center can give you is to relax and unwind this Memorial Day. A camping trip certainly gives you the freedom to do that and lets you experience the natural beauty of the land stress-free. Feel free to contact the knowledgeable team at your RV supply store with any questions you have about camping and we hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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