Which RV Is Right For Me?

which RV is right for me

Find The Right Fit

Recreational vehicles can be fantastic additions to your lifestyle because they are the ideal transports for lengthy explorations to exotic destinations. However, it is totally understandable for you to wonder, “Which type of RV is right for me?” because there are a variety of options on today’s market. The sales professionals at Delmarva RV Center recognize that and we are ready to be of assistance. Not only do we have ample information on popular RV configurations, but we also will be glad to guide you if you are a first-time buyer. You also can learn more about the unique incentives we carry, like our 90 Days With No Payments program. You do not need to ask yourself, “Which type of RV is right for me?” any longer. Read below and then contact us to explore your potential RV model!

Know the Types

The first step in answering “Which type of RV is right for me?” is recognizing what you need from your prospective recreational vehicle. Class A RVs trend toward the larger size and are ideal for those with big groups or families, while Class C RVs are more compact and can easily be placed in a long-term parking spot while you spend several days enjoying the wilderness. The DRVC crew is standing by to show you these two types and give you full details on their specifications.

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which RV is right for me

For those who want an RV model for stationary purposes or one that is easily towed, we suggest considering the park model RV. You can also use this RV configuration for carting extra supplies. The pop-up camper RV model is an excellent selection for first-time RVers because of its partly canvas frame, capability to “collapse” into a more manageable vehicle, and surprisingly roomy interior.

Which Type Of RV Is Right for Me?

The staff at Delmarva RV Center hopes our research has helped answer this important question. Make sure you contact or visit us for more details and to browse our vast inventory of amazing RV models today!

which RV is right for me

Best Vehicles To Tow Your RV

best vehicles to tow your RV

Bring The Fun Along

One of the most convenient aspects of a recreational vehicle is that you can easily hitch it to your ride and effortlessly transport it down the road. But what are some of the best vehicles to tow your RV? The staff at Delmarva RV Center has the answers below, obtained via careful research. It is crucial to know what type of vehicle can handle the rigors of pulling an RV before you gear up for your next road trip, so you can avoid unfortunate incidents as you travel. We will further touch upon that fact and our other information during your visit, as well as speak about any questions you might have. Read on to learn about the best vehicles to tow your RV with and then contact us for more details.

Delmarva RV Center


These vehicles are the quintessential haulers and range from light work to heavy-duty in terms of capabilities. An important factor that the DRVC crew will speak about is knowing the weight of your current or potential RV model. This will enable you to identify whether your truck’s trailer hitch and maximum towing capacity are enough to safely pull it during your journey. Modern pickups are also equipped with a range of driver-assist features to make towing easier, making trucks among the best vehicles to tow your RV.

best vehicles to tow your RV


SUVs are surprisingly great when it comes to pulling a load behind their wide bodies. As with trucks, be sure to know the towing specifications of your model and the total weight of your RV before attempting to tow one. Using an SUV model for your towing needs also affords more space to store supplies, whether in its spacious cargo area or within your RV itself.

Ask About Best Vehicles to Tow Your RV

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we will be glad to further discuss what other vehicle types are useful for towing your RV model when you are not using it for your driving adventures. Reach out for more details today!


Top Beaches For RV Trips On MD’s Eastern Shore

RV beach camping Eastern Shore MD

Spectacular Escape

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a gorgeous gem along the Atlantic Coast with beach access along the ocean and the many tributaries that curve their way through the lush peninsula. There are many beautiful Eastern Shore of MD RV beach camping sites, and Delmarva RV Center wants you to be aware of some of our favorites. These destinations offer unique amenities and pace of life, but with one thing in common: a magnificent shoreline for relaxation. Take a look at these recommendations, and get ready to dig your toes into the sand during a fantastic beachfront adventure.

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Assateague State Park

Eastern Shore of MD RV beach camping reaches the pinnacle at Assateague State Park near Berlin. This famous beach is a marvelous getaway with rural beaches that go on for miles. Enjoy walking along the breaking waves and playing in the Atlantic Ocean. Grab your fishing line and catch tonight’s dinner. You can even put your kayak or canoe in the water for some exercise. There are ample trails for hiking and bike riding.

Castaway RV Resort & Campground

If you are looking for modern amenities, DRVC suggests you try this Eastern Shore of MD RV beach camping destination located just south of Ocean City. The private beach offers splendid water views, and you can enjoy the Jackspot Waterfront Tiki Bar, fitness center, hot tub, playground, dog park, live music, Wi-Fi, television hook-up, and much more. It is a fantastic place to relax by the water and gather with family and friends for a great time.

Roaring Point Waterfront Campground

Along the Nanticoke River in Wicomico County is this stunning Eastern Shore of MD RV beach camping place. This is a traditional camping experience with vast open areas to explore with refreshing river breezes and breathtaking sunsets. There are sandy beaches, fire rings, basketball and volleyball courts, a General Store, live entertainment, and more. Roaring Point Waterfront Campground is truly an Eastern Shore treasure.

RV beach camping Eastern Shore MD

Plan Your Getaway

These are three amazing beachfront camping locations, and there is more. Meet with our sales staff to learn more about these places and how we can assist with your RV needs.


The Best RVs To Live In

best RVs to live in

Your Home On Wheels

Whether you are a diehard RVer or new to the trekking world, it’s crucial to drive a recreational vehicle in which you feel comfortable. After all, it is your mobile house and what shelters your loved ones during harsh storms or treacherous obstacles on the road. The experts at Delmarva RV Center understand that necessity and we want you to know about the best RVs to live in. From Class C vehicles to park models and all in between, we have copious amounts of data about key specifications and highlights for every RV in our extensive inventory. Be sure to look over our recommendations and schedule a time with DRVC to check some of the best RVs to live in.

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Class C RVs

This is considered one of the most versatile RV classes on the market simply because it offers numerous configurations. You can opt for a compact model for a more cozy atmosphere or go with a super-sized vehicle to really obtain a feeling of satisfying opulence. Our staff is standing by to walk you through all the amenities a Class C RV model can afford you.

Fifth Wheel RVs

These are among the best RVs to live in because of their transportability. Fifth-wheel recreational vehicles come equipped with a trailer box pin that can be hitched to your truck or SUV model, giving a whole new meaning to the term “mobile home.” Plus, they are fantastic for storing essential road trip supplies for additional cargo room.

best RVs to live in

Down-Home Feeling

Here at Delmarva RV Center, these are just two of the best RVs to live in that we recommend. There are many more within our new or used inventories that may better fit the needs of your driving life. Our team has the facts you need to make the most compatible decision. Shop at DRVC today and capture that “home-away-from-home” feeling with your next recreational vehicle.

best RVs to live in

What Are The Best Places To RV In Delaware?

best places to RV in Delaware

Relax In Paradise

The gorgeous landscape of Delaware’s Atlantic Coast is an incredible place for rest and relaxation. Delaware offers many fantastic RV parks that deliver a variety of scenery, from sandy beaches to the woods. Our friendly staff wants you to know the best places to RV in Delaware, so we created this list with several suggestions that we know you will love. These locations provide beautiful views and tranquility in nature that the entire family can enjoy. Check out these options, and visit Delmarva RV Center for more information or assistance with all your RV needs.

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Delaware Seashore State Park

One of the best places to RV in Delaware is this park because you can go camping at the beach with two campgrounds on either side of the Indian River Inlet just north of Bethany Beach. Spend your days walking on the sandy shore or grab your fishing rod to make the catch of the day. Go for a ride on a charter boat or bring your own and launch at the marina’s boat ramp, and then have fun on the water.

Trap Pond State Park

This place near Laurel is one of the best places to RV in Delaware because of its spectacular tree canopy that keeps you cool in the summer and bursts with life in the fall. Take a trip along the 4.6-mile Bob Trail that is perfect for a hike or to ride your bicycle. Put your kayak on the water and explore the Terrapin Branch Water Trail while viewing local wildlife.

Massey’s Landing

This magnificent destination is located east of Millsboro with Indian River Bay to the south and Rehoboth Bay to the north. There are beachfront RV and tent campsites, along with a two-mile waterfront for fishing, paddleboarding, and fun in the sun. The kids also can use two playgrounds to make new friends.

best places to RV in Delaware

Contact Us to Learn More

These are three of the best places to RV in Delaware, and if you want to find out more, contact Delmarva RV Center today. Our sales staff also can help you with all your RV needs.

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Best Movies For RV Trips

best movies for RV trips

Must-See Road Trip Movies

Are you counting down the days, hours, and minutes until your next road trip? Sometimes half the fun of adventures is the preparation. As you check off your trip to-do list and plan for some RnR and family time, we have come up with something you may not have considered. Here at Delmarva RV Center, our inventory of various RVs arrive with televisions and DVD or Blu-Ray players, so you can watch your favorite movies on the road or during a rainy day at the campsite. If the electronics in your RV need to be looked at to ensure an optimal connection, bring it into our Delmarva RV service center, and our professional staff will assess its current condition. Check out our staff’s picks for the best movies for RV trips, then start collecting!

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Best Movies For RV Trips

• RV: a relatable comedy starring Robin Williams. We are sure it will bring you and your family some belly laughs and bonding moments.

• National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: a surefire holiday classic featuring Chevy Chase and the Griswold family. It is enjoyable no matter the season.

We’re The Millers: another must-see comedy starring Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston. Discover Dave’s foolproof plan as he and his newfound family head south in an RV.

• Little Miss Sunshine: nominated for four Oscars and two Golden Globes because of its originality and phenomenal screenplay performances –– well worth checking out!

• The Incredibles: inspires viewers to honor their strengths and weaknesses and the importance of family. What better way to spend quality time?

best movies for RV trips

Happy Exploring!

Now that you have a record of some of the best movies for RV trips, we are confident you will have plenty of options to fill your time on- and off-road. These films will surely keep your eyes peeled for adventure, and prepared for potential hazards! Write down our suggested best movies for RV trips for some good laughs and family time. And remember, safety first!

best movies for RV trips

Top RVs With Bunk Beds For Drivers

RVs With Bunk Beds For Sale

Bunk Up With Family and Friends!

Planning that extended trip in an RV to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? The experts at Delmarva RV Center want to ensure you make the time and space for everyone on board to rest and sleep comfortably, and we have the RV models to meet your needs. As your go-to dealership in Delaware, Maryland, and beyond with a host of RVs with bunk beds for sale, we have some tips on how to spruce up your sleeping arrangements and add touches of fun and convenience to your preferred layout. These pointers will let you rest your weary bones from a day of driving and adventuring, but also allow you to relax in style.

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Make It Lively

Bunk beds are often ideal for families with children, and warm paint schemes will fit the bill. DRVC recommends you choose inviting hues for living quarters in these RVs with bunk beds for sale. Whether you own a Class C motorhome with ample space, a smaller fifth wheel camper requiring a little more ingenuity, or you’re simply renovating the interior, opt for lighter shades so the bunk area can easily double as a lounging room and a place to enjoy each other’s company.

Consider the Layout

If you’re adding bunk beds instead of purchasing an RV for sale with bunk beds, take note of the current configuration. RVers often convert sofas and twin-size beds into a double-stack of sleeping vessels, and those downsizing from a house to a mobile home may want to turn the master suite into a haven for multiple bunk beds.

RVs With Bunk Beds For Sale


From small, personal display monitors in each bunk to fans and lighting inside the bunk to something as critical as a bunk net for younger children, there are many ways to take your sleeping arrangements to the next level. Ask our pros about the seemingly endless amounts of accessories available for purchase or order.

Visit Delmarva RV Center

Recharge your life with an unforgettable RV adventure, and you can keep your personal battery life replenished throughout by getting a good night’s shut-eye or maybe that catnap while you’re not behind the wheel. Contact DRVC today and inquire about our RVs for sale with bunk beds!

RVs with bunk beds for sale

Storm Safety Tips For RVers

RV storm safety tips

It Can’t Rain All The Time

While that sentiment is true, storms with varying degrees of severity do exist. This is particularly true in winter, due to heavy snowfalls and the occasional blizzard. The service experts at Delmarva RV Center do not want you to be caught unprepared when a storm hits as you are trekking along on the open road. We have put together several RV storm safety tips to use before and during your trip, the most vital one being that you schedule a maintenance appointment at our state-of-the-art RV service center to ensure your recreational vehicle is operating at its maximum capabilities. Read through our tips below and become the one chasing the storm!

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Obtain a Weather Forecast

This RV storm safety tip is not only crucial but also easy to follow because today’s smart devices have access to a range of weather apps. It is important knowledge to have before, during, and after your journey because you can ensure you choose the safest route away from nasty weather.

Have an Emergency Kit

It is a wise practice to always keep a stocked emergency preparedness kit of some kind within your RV model, even if you are just going for a leisurely drive. It should contain extra (nonperishable) food and water, spare clothing and blankets, key first-aid items, road flares, spare batteries and chargers for your devices, etc. Our service team will be glad to further go over our recommendations for your unique emergency kit.

RV storm safety tips

Drive Carefully

During times of heavy rainfall, harsh thunderstorms, or sudden snow, an essential RV storm safety tip is for you to maintain a degree of constant vigilance while driving your RV. Make sure your lights are providing enough visibility and that you are keeping an eye out for any obstacles or debris on the road. If the weather is severe enough, then we urge you to seek shelter or just pull off to the side and wait for the storm to pass.

Contact Us

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to provide you with more RV storm safety tips and guarantee your RV model is prepared for whatever mood Mother Nature is in. Schedule your next maintenance appointment today!

RV storm safety tips

How Do I Stow My RV For Winter Season?

Storing Your RV In Delaware

Tips For Storing Your RV In Delaware

While a winter wonderland is gorgeous scenery, it is most likely that you will not be traveling to these destinations until the warm spring sun returns. In the meantime, safely storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland is critical to its health, so when the driving season returns, it is ready to go for a new adventure without maintenance delays. Our service advisors assembled these helpful tips to prepare for winter hibernation. Pull out the covers, hunker down for winter, and contact Delmarva RV Center for any additional information you need for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter.

popular outdoor games for camping

Pick a Safe Location

Parking your RV under shelter is ideal, but that may not always be possible. If you choose to park your RV outside, try putting the RV in a location with the least amount of wind so it does not get buffeted all season long. You also want to keep it away from trees because heavy snowfall and ice accumulation could bring the tree limbs down onto your RV.

Use a Protective Cover

Storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland with a strong cover will protect the paint from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, wind damage, and inclement weather. It is best not to use a plastic tarp because they trap moisture and could cause damage. Use a cover that zips and has a system of straps for extra stability.

Cover the Tires

This keeps your rubber protected from the harmful winter air, and we recommend inflating all tires to the pressure on the sidewalls before storage.

RV Storage In Delaware

Drain Water System

Remove all water so your tank and lines do not freeze in the cold. Our factory-trained technicians can help with this task if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Store Your Batteries

It is best to take out the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place. They will lose some charge, but the cool temperatures will slow the loss.

Contact Us Today

Those are essential tips for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter. For more suggestions or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Delmarva RV Center today.

Winter RV Road Trip Advice

living in an RV in the winter

Find Winter Wonderlands

Whether you are loading up your family to hike across the country for the holidays or are just cruising around to view lovely snow-draped landscapes, it’s more likely than not you will be hitting the road this winter season. The expert team at Delmarva RV Center wants our customers, from diehard RVers to first-time trekkers, to be absolutely safe while driving on ice-slicked roads or through sudden snowstorms. We are here to assist you with making the most out of living in an RV in the winter with some useful advice, as well as encourage you to have our top-notch service crew look over your recreational vehicle before you head out. Read on below!

Schedule Maintenance

Slush, ice, snow, and even obscured debris on the highway can slowly chip away at the health of your RV model. Our technicians will carefully inspect your ride, ensure that it’s sealed properly against the harsh elements and that no mechanical issues remain hidden.

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Pack Wisely

This essential road trip must-do especially rings true when you are living in an RV during the winter. Besides packing plenty of preservable food, warm clothes, and cold-resistant camping gear, it is important to also bring emergency supplies like tire chains, jugs of water, road flares, etc. Feel free to ask the DRVC team for more advice about what else you should have.

Check All Conditions

These days, it is an almost-autonomous process to tap on the weather and map icons on your smart device to see what awaits you before getting behind the steering wheel. It is imperative to continue that habit (when you are not driving) while living in an RV in the winter.

living in an RV in the winter

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to have your recreational vehicle running like a dream and help you make the most of living in an RV in the winter. Set up your appointment today!

living in an RV in the winter