Storm Safety Tips For RVers

RV storm safety tips

It Can’t Rain All The Time

While that sentiment is true, storms with varying degrees of severity do exist. This is particularly true in winter, due to heavy snowfalls and the occasional blizzard. The service experts at Delmarva RV Center do not want you to be caught unprepared when a storm hits as you are trekking along on the open road. We have put together several RV storm safety tips to use before and during your trip, the most vital one being that you schedule a maintenance appointment at our state-of-the-art RV service center to ensure your recreational vehicle is operating at its maximum capabilities. Read through our tips below and become the one chasing the storm!

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Obtain a Weather Forecast

This RV storm safety tip is not only crucial but also easy to follow because today’s smart devices have access to a range of weather apps. It is important knowledge to have before, during, and after your journey because you can ensure you choose the safest route away from nasty weather.

Have an Emergency Kit

It is a wise practice to always keep a stocked emergency preparedness kit of some kind within your RV model, even if you are just going for a leisurely drive. It should contain extra (nonperishable) food and water, spare clothing and blankets, key first-aid items, road flares, spare batteries and chargers for your devices, etc. Our service team will be glad to further go over our recommendations for your unique emergency kit.

RV storm safety tips

Drive Carefully

During times of heavy rainfall, harsh thunderstorms, or sudden snow, an essential RV storm safety tip is for you to maintain a degree of constant vigilance while driving your RV. Make sure your lights are providing enough visibility and that you are keeping an eye out for any obstacles or debris on the road. If the weather is severe enough, then we urge you to seek shelter or just pull off to the side and wait for the storm to pass.

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Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to provide you with more RV storm safety tips and guarantee your RV model is prepared for whatever mood Mother Nature is in. Schedule your next maintenance appointment today!

RV storm safety tips

How Do I Stow My RV For Winter Season?

Storing Your RV In Delaware

Tips For Storing Your RV In Delaware

While a winter wonderland is gorgeous scenery, it is most likely that you will not be traveling to these destinations until the warm spring sun returns. In the meantime, safely storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland is critical to its health, so when the driving season returns, it is ready to go for a new adventure without maintenance delays. Our service advisors assembled these helpful tips to prepare for winter hibernation. Pull out the covers, hunker down for winter, and contact Delmarva RV Center for any additional information you need for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter.

popular outdoor games for camping

Pick a Safe Location

Parking your RV under shelter is ideal, but that may not always be possible. If you choose to park your RV outside, try putting the RV in a location with the least amount of wind so it does not get buffeted all season long. You also want to keep it away from trees because heavy snowfall and ice accumulation could bring the tree limbs down onto your RV.

Use a Protective Cover

Storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland with a strong cover will protect the paint from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, wind damage, and inclement weather. It is best not to use a plastic tarp because they trap moisture and could cause damage. Use a cover that zips and has a system of straps for extra stability.

Cover the Tires

This keeps your rubber protected from the harmful winter air, and we recommend inflating all tires to the pressure on the sidewalls before storage.

RV Storage In Delaware

Drain Water System

Remove all water so your tank and lines do not freeze in the cold. Our factory-trained technicians can help with this task if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Store Your Batteries

It is best to take out the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place. They will lose some charge, but the cool temperatures will slow the loss.

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Those are essential tips for storing your RV in Delaware and Maryland during the winter. For more suggestions or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Delmarva RV Center today.

Winter RV Road Trip Advice

living in an RV in the winter

Find Winter Wonderlands

Whether you are loading up your family to hike across the country for the holidays or are just cruising around to view lovely snow-draped landscapes, it’s more likely than not you will be hitting the road this winter season. The expert team at Delmarva RV Center wants our customers, from diehard RVers to first-time trekkers, to be absolutely safe while driving on ice-slicked roads or through sudden snowstorms. We are here to assist you with making the most out of living in an RV in the winter with some useful advice, as well as encourage you to have our top-notch service crew look over your recreational vehicle before you head out. Read on below!

Schedule Maintenance

Slush, ice, snow, and even obscured debris on the highway can slowly chip away at the health of your RV model. Our technicians will carefully inspect your ride, ensure that it’s sealed properly against the harsh elements and that no mechanical issues remain hidden.

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Pack Wisely

This essential road trip must-do especially rings true when you are living in an RV during the winter. Besides packing plenty of preservable food, warm clothes, and cold-resistant camping gear, it is important to also bring emergency supplies like tire chains, jugs of water, road flares, etc. Feel free to ask the DRVC team for more advice about what else you should have.

Check All Conditions

These days, it is an almost-autonomous process to tap on the weather and map icons on your smart device to see what awaits you before getting behind the steering wheel. It is imperative to continue that habit (when you are not driving) while living in an RV in the winter.

living in an RV in the winter

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to have your recreational vehicle running like a dream and help you make the most of living in an RV in the winter. Set up your appointment today!

living in an RV in the winter

How Should You Winterize Your RV?

winterizing your RV Delaware

Winterize Your RV In Delaware

The sharp decline in outside temperatures and the eager anticipation of lovely snowfall can only mean that winter is here to stay for quite a bit. With snow comes hazardous ice, meaning it will soon be time for winterizing your Delaware RV. The service experts at Delmarva RV Center want to help you make sure that your beloved recreational vehicle is carefully stored away until you are ready to hit the road again in the spring. We have gathered a short checklist that you can refer to as you are preparing to winterize. Check out our tips and then feel free to schedule a maintenance appointment with us!

Remove Water Filters

One of the very first steps to take is to bypass and remove any in-line water filters that you have inside your RV model. This is to prevent any winterization chemicals from leaking in. Our technicians will be glad to take care of that for you.

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Drain Water Heater and Lines

This is especially crucial for winterizing your Delaware RV, due to the freezing weather that always accompanies Old Man Winter. After turning your heater off, you will then want to let it cool down before removing the drain plug and open the pressure relief valve to release all the water. From there, you will just need to open all the faucets in your recreational vehicle to remove any additional fluids.

Add Antifreeze

Doing this can be a little tricky because it involves turning off the water and potentially having to install a water pump converter kit. Instead of all that, why not let the experienced service staff at DRVC handle refilling the antifreeze to combat the chilly elements? We’ll make sure there is plenty in there.

winterizing your RV Delaware

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope these help you with winterizing your RV in Delaware. Don’t forget to set up a service appointment for absolute peace of mind today!

winterizing your RV Delaware

Outdoor Games RVers Enjoy

Get Your Game On!

Camping and roughing it in the majestic outdoors is a timeless tradition for families all over, especially when you add your trusty RV model to the mix. However, as parents with reluctant kiddos know, it is crucial to ensure there are plenty of entertainment options besides becoming one with Mother Nature. The team at Delmarva RV Center understands it can be a bit tricky to come up with ideas and we’re here to help. Our experts have developed a compact list of popular outdoor games for camping that you can refer to before heading out on your big trip. Little to no assembly is needed for these games and you can easily source them from big-brand retailers. Look over our list and be sure to reach out with any questions you might have!

popular outdoor games for camping

Popular Outdoor Games For Camping

The camping games options you can select from are abundant. From simply tossing a ball back and forth to enjoying giant-size versions of renowned activities, you can definitely engage everyone in your group to get involved and join in the fun. Several popular outdoor games for camping that the DRVC crew suggests are:

• Cornhole (you can play with adult beverages when the kids tap out)

• Ladder Golf

• Velcro Toss (this can be a safer alternative for the younger ones in your group)

• Giant Jenga (don’t let the stack fall over!)

• Ultimate Frisbee

• Laser Tag (remember to practice caution with this, especially if it will be an evening activity)

• Lawn Bocce Ball

 popular outdoor games for camping

Move Well, Play Well

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we think that your group will certainly like romping around with our recommendations as you all relax in the beauty of the natural world. You are welcome to contact us for more helpful camping tips or to let us know how much you liked our suggested popular outdoor games for camping, and save us a game or two!

popular outdoor games for camping

Enjoy Fantastic Fall Recipes For RVing

What’s For Eats?

There is one element that can really add some depth during a long road trip: the kind of cuisine you enjoy. From homemade dishes or yummy snacks grabbed from a gas station, having the right kind of food as you travel brings a sense of comfort and familiarity. The experienced staff at Delmarva RV Center knows that feeling well and we want your family to experience it wherever you all go this autumnal season. That is why we have gathered together a list of easy RV cooking recipes that you can make, both right inside your recreational vehicle and by a cozy campfire. Bring your appetite and check them out below!

Inside Your RV

Egg and Sausage Breakfast Roll-ups: This is a simple and quick way to greet the morning. We recommend that you fill corn flour tortillas with scrambled eggs, sausage links, and your choice of cheese. Then, roll them up and toast the tortillas in a hot pan.

Skillet Nachos: This easy RV cooking recipe can be done right in your kitchenette. You just need to first brown ground beef, onions, and peppers all together in a cast-iron skillet, then add the mixture on top of a heap of crispy tortilla chips. We suggest you add plenty of lettuce, salsa, cheese, and other delicious nacho toppings.

Outside Your RV

• Hot Dogs and Beans: Few people can resist the mouth-watering classic that is the hot dog and this little twist adds even more flavor. As you grill the tube steaks over a nicely-stoked fire, sauté beans and onions in a cast iron pan to round out the whole meal.

• Camp Ribs: Now this is a surprisingly easy RV cooking recipe. You can make this either over a fire or on a grill. All that is needed is a pile of ribs, placed into a cast iron skillet and covered with mounds of glorious BBQ sauce, and a reliable heat source. Make sure you consistently check the meat’s temperature before diving into this succulent dish.

Chow Down Today

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you and your loved ones enjoy these amazing and easy RV cooking recipes. Try them out this fall and let us know what you think!

easy RV cooking tips

Give Thanks While RVing!

RV Thanksgiving

Break Bread On The Go

The Thanksgiving season is almost upon us, bringing with it a cornucopia of feasting and glad tidings. It also means you and your loved ones will undoubtedly be hitting the road to visit those far-flung relatives in your trusty recreational vehicle. Road trips, especially lengthy ones, can be draining and even a little tiresome. The expert team at Delmarva RV Center wants you to know that they do not have to be because we have compiled a series of helpful Thanksgiving RV travel tips to ease the burden of carting the entire family around the country. There are some great ways to celebrate while on the road. Check them out below!

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  • Enjoy A Meal. What better method to really get into the holiday mood than to have a mini-Thanksgiving? Gathering all the supplies first and using the kitchenette in your RV — or portable cooking methods like a crockpot — is a great way to fire up your family for enjoying the full version with your relatives.
  • Bring Some Fun Along. One of the simplest Thanksgiving RV hacks we can provide is to ensure there is lots of entertainment. A solid board game collection, a deck of playing cards, or even a video game console that the whole family can play on do a bang-up job of making the miles fly by.
  • See The Sights. Don’t forget to follow one of the core credos of the RV lifestyle and take in a little sightseeing among the towns and attractions you pass along the road.
RV Thanksgiving

Enjoy Your RV Thanksgiving!

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you cherish every moment you spend with the special people in your life. You are welcome to ask one of our professionals for more useful Thanksgiving RV tips and have the happiest of Thanksgivings!

RV Thanksgiving

Fall Destinations For RVers

Enjoy Autumnal Sights!

The fall season has just reached the peak of its maturity and that means there’s no better time to hit the road behind the wheel of your RV model than now. The staff at Delmarva RV Center wholeheartedly embraces that philosophy and wants all of our customers to enjoy viewing some truly stunning fall foliage and other natural wonders. To help you out, we have chosen several thrilling destinations that we believe you should trek to. Check them out and then contact us to learn more!

Trap Pond State Park – Laurel, DE

Located at 33587 Baldcypress Lane in Laurel, this picturesque getaway offers breathtaking glimpses of how beautiful the great state of Delaware can be. You and your group will be entranced at the expanse of glorious crimson and gold-adorned bald cypress trees that surround this amazing park.

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White Clay Creek State Park – Newark, DE

You can find this little slice of autumnal paradise at 750 Thompson Station Rd. in Newark. Known for having more than 35 extensive wilderness trails, White Clay Creek State Park also contains the 200-year-old Chambers House Nature Center and its vast records of the area’s history. Our team will be glad to speak more about this wondrous park, so reach out today!

Elk Neck State Park – North East, MD

Feeling a little adventurous? Then Delmarva RV Center recommends that you pack up the family in your reliable recreational vehicle and head to 4395 Turkey Point Rd. in North East, Maryland. You’ll find gorgeous Elk Neck State Park waiting for you there, nestled between the Chesapeake River and Elk River. Those unbelievable waterfront views will be complemented by the delightful hues radiating from all of the foliage.

RV road trips

Fall Into Fun

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope that you and your loved ones have a blast on all of your autumnal sojourns. Make sure you tell us about them when you visit us next and happy leaf-peeping!

RV road trips

How Can I Make My RV Feel Like Home?

RV decorating tips

Take Home With You!

While RV models are designed to be the absolute transportation for road trips, they are not always the homiest of vehicles. We at Delmarva RV Center believe that does not have to be the case! If you’re going to be spending countless hours on the road inside your recreational vehicle, then why shouldn’t you be entirely comfortable while doing it? Plus, you want other RVers to be jealous of how stylish your ride is. That is why our experts have put together some simple RV decorating tips for you and your family to try out while you are cruising down the highway. These easy and quick suggestions will work wonders for revitalizing the atmosphere of your ride. Check them out!

RV decorating tips

• Customize Your Spaces. One of the first steps should be to allow everyone, especially your kids, to design their own area in the  RV. Doing so will promote familiarity and even spark some creative ideas.

Use Furniture. While it may seem like a tight fit, a solid RV decorating tip is to place small pieces of furniture for a cozier vibe. This could include plush chairs, luscious rugs, fun throw pillows, and even a couch if your space allows.

Find Lighting. A string of lights along the exterior of your RV model can make it both inviting and alluring.

Have Fun. This is by far the most vital piece of advice. After all, it is your RV model. Why not enjoy making it reflect your unique personality? You can even make it an exciting game with your entire group

RV Decorating Tips

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you’ve found these tips useful. You are always welcome to contact our experienced staff for more information and have a blast on all of your sojourns!

RV decorating tips

Stay Safe RVing During Halloween

Halloween RV safety tips

Be Spooky and Safe!

The scariest time of the year is quickly approaching and your little goblins are undoubtedly eager to obtain their bounty of delicious treats. Halloween can be a wonderful holiday for everyone, especially if you’re celebrating in your RV, but it can also bring its share of chills and hazards. The staff at Delmarva RV Center want our customers to revel in this festive gothic season stress-free, which is why we compiled several Halloween RV safety tips for you to browse. After all, we want you and your loved ones to freak out over some harmless ghoulish fun and nothing serious. Read on below!

Be Visible. One of the most crucial Halloween RV safety tips we can give is to ensure you have plenty of lighting in and outside of your RV model. This will serve to illuminate the trick-or-treaters around you.

• Watch Your Speed. This might be practical sense, but it is especially important during All Hallow’s Eve because of the costumed families out and about.

• Use Buddies. If you have parked your trusty RV in a campground and your kids are raring to go, ensure that they use the buddy system as they traverse. Contact us to learn more about this Halloween RV safety tip.

Halloween RV safety tips

• Get Reflective Costumes. It is always a good idea to have whatever costumes your group is using to be as shiny and reflective as possible, in order to catch stray light.

• Have Supervision. Make sure that there is always at least one adult in your groups during your trick-or-tricking sessions.

• Check the Rules. While at a campground, be sure to double-check what the rules are and whether there are set trick-or-treat timetables.

Inspect Candy. Though it’s a common myth, it is still prudent to look over the sweets your children received.

Halloween RV Safety Tips

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you find these tips useful for your family’s road trips. Reach out to our experts with any questions you have and have a very scary Halloween!

Halloween RV safety tips