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RV Summer Service

RV maintenance checklist

Gear Up For Summer!

The warmer months are finally here, and what better time to check how your RV is running than before you head out to your vacation? Our certified service technicians have developed an RV maintenance checklist to have all the resources that you need to check off what needs to be done. During the summer months, your RV will need extra tender loving care due to the heat. The last thing our service experts want to see is our clients getting stranded in an unknown place due to the wear or tear of a tire, or perhaps something much worse. Discover what is on the RV maintenance checklist by reading more below.

RV maintenance checklist

RV Summer Maintenance Checklist

Inspect Your Propane: We recommend that you check for dings, connection integrity, paint damage, and even rust. You can also bring it to our service center, and we would be happy to inspect your tank and test for leaks at least once a year, or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Check Out Your Tires: Examine for unusual wear such as cracking, bulging, and uneven tread wear. Delmarva RV Center also recommends that you check the alignment, balance, and bearing as these will affect tire wear. Check for wear and tire pressure weekly to ensure maximum tire life and safety.

Investigate Your Seals: The nemesis of your RV is moisture, which is why it is essential to examine your exterior seals — especially roof seals — every two or three months. If you find any water inside your RV, locate the source of the leak or have us inspect it.

Examine Your RV Weight: It is crucial to weigh your RV before you head out to a trip, and even each wheel to know the issue in your load. You can go to a local weigh station or check out RV rallies and clubs that allow you to weigh your RV.

RV maintenance checklist

Why Service With Delmarva RV Center?

Your expectations of us will go beyond the RV maintenance checklist when you schedule a service appointment. The RV service center professionals are detail-oriented to ensure that every component of your RV is functioning properly. Our first-class 12,000-square-foot RV service center is home to factory-trained technicians and advanced tools and machines to ensure your model receives superior service. Read the RV maintenance checklist, then schedule a service appointment with Delmarva RV Center today

RV maintenance checklist