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RV winter maintenance checklist Delaware

Delaware RV Winter Maintenance Checklist 

The snowy season has finally descended on The First State, and all of us are feeling the chill. However, we’re not the only ones that cold weather adversely affects. Your RV model can also fall prey to the perils of frosty temperatures and can even lower its performance. The veteran service team at Delmarva RV Center wants to help you avoid that, which is why we have put together a handy RV winter maintenance checklist in Delaware! Our vast catalog of service work handles the bulk of recommended automotive care, from changing your oil to guaranteeing your battery is fully charged. You can even make our suggestions into your annual RV maintenance checklist and use it to gauge when it is time for your next service appointment. Read on below!

Oil Changes

Using fresh oil in your RV model is crucial because its lubrication stops dangerous metal-on-metal contact within your engine. Our service professionals suggest that you have the oil in your recreational vehicle changed every 3,000 miles or so, especially during winter.

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Battery Tests

Freezing temperatures can sap your battery of power and even reduce how much charge it can hold. Part of our Delaware RV winter maintenance checklist involves testing your battery’s current levels and, if necessary, swapping it out with a new one.

Belt Repairs

The belts for your RV’s transmission and engine undergo a great deal of usage during the many road trips you go on. One of the recommended components for your potential annual RV maintenance checklist is to have our crew examine and replace ones with heavy wear and tear.

RV winter maintenance checklist Delaware

Tire Inspections

Icy weather and wintry temperatures can take a serious toll on the state of your tires because of how much ice, snow, and slush they have to roll over. The DRVC service experts will inspect your tires, see how much air is in them, and ensure your tire treads are still healthy.

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Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you find our Delaware RV winter maintenance checklist useful as you trek along the road. Make sure you schedule your next service appointment with our staff and get the outstanding care you deserve today!

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