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5th Wheel Towing Requirements

Safely Pull Your 5th Wheel

If you’re searching for an RV that is prepared to be your constant companion as you explore, look no further than our high-quality selection of 5th wheel trailers at Delmarva RV Center. Towing requirements of 5th wheel campers ensure drivers convenience, efficiency, and safety on the go. A 5th wheel trailer offers drivers an added amount of stability as the RV features the ability to hitch to the bed of your truck. For your convenience, we have provided a guide on 5th wheel towing requirements so you can get this show on the road.

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What Size Truck Is Needed
to Pull a 5th Wheel?

As you learn more about how to tow a 5th wheel, the most essential part will be choosing a truck equipped to handle the job. The type of truck you need will depend on the size of the trailer you decide to bring home. A smaller sized 5th wheel trailer towing requirements allow customers to choose half-ton trucks such as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500. However, if you’d like a bigger trailer, you’ll have to spring for a three-quarter-ton truck that features the capability to use a bed-mounted hitch, such as the Ram 2500, Ford Super Duty® F-250, or Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. If you have any questions regarding the 5th wheel towing requirements, contact us today!

5th Wheel Towing Guide

Let’s Hit the Road

Once you have your new truck, it is time to connect your 5th wheel! Start by hooking your 5th wheel to your truck independently by dropping your tailgate and then backing the hitch towards the first pin to assess the proper height. Some 5th wheels can hitch without being perfectly level, but if you don’t have that type, it is vital to make sure the kingpin is lined up with the hitch receiver. To learn more about the towing requirements for 5th wheel trailers, reach out to our sales staff today.

Experience Freedom on the Go

After viewing our 5th wheel towing guide, we know you’re ready to purchase a 5th wheel! Head to Delmarva RV Center today and learn more about our top-tier selection of 5th wheels, such as the 2021 Coachmen Brookstone 344FL, 2021 Dutchmen Astoria 553MBP, and specific 5th wheel towing requirements. Contact us today or begin shopping!

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