How To Level An RV

How to Level an RV

Getting Your RV Leveled

You want to roll out to destinations near and far in your RV model, but you never want the contents insides to roll around due to poor leveling. Keeping your RV properly leveled concerns more than pure aesthetics, as the safety and stability of passengers, objects, and the RV model itself can be affected in adverse ways. Here at your local RV supply store, we want to make you aware of some of the reasons to level your RV model, and invite you to our dealership and if you need to purchase any of the components necessary to pull off the job.

Auto-Leveling Your RV Model

Many modern RV models arrive with auto-leveling systems, where hydraulic jacks regulate the height of the suspension at the corners. The operator’s manual for your RV model will hold a lot of the information to guide the way, but there are some common tips and tricks to keep in mind. In most cases, Class A motorhomes often rely on the self-leveling feature for best results, and the function is manipulated using toggles and dials in the cabin. In these instances, begin by parking the front of the vehicle toward the downhill slope, allowing you to raise and lower the front end and leaving the rear wheels locked in place. In order to avoid damage to the parking spot and to keep your jacks from sinking on the surface, blocks or jack pads are recommended by your local RV supply store. Remember to NEVER place jacks down on icy and unstable terrain!

Leveling Your RV

What To Do Without Auto-Leveling

Class B, Class C, and towable RV models usually don’t come with auto-leveling systems. The first step is to place a leveling bubble on a flat surface inside the cabin; Delmarva RV Center recommends using a countertop. Check the level of the RV model both front to back and left to right, and use leveling blocks as necessary underneath the offending tires. There are some trial and error involved here, and practice is necessary to get it right. Always ensure your RV model has its parking brakes secure and in place after each adjustment, and check the leveling bubble as needed. For your towable RV model, the same method of leveling is recommended, but NEVER unhitch until the wheel chocks are on both sides of each tire. 

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