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Homey Endeavors

Class A RVs offer the ultimate motorhome solution to those looking to take on the roads. Their spaciousness and automotive luxury allow you to explore the country without sacrificing homey comforts. As the East Coast’s largest RV buyer and consignor, Delmarva RV Center offers many RV options suited to your taste and lifestyle. Learn more about what a Class A RV offers and explore our inventory to find an RV you love.

Top-Tier Travels

You’ll make the most of on-the-road living when you travel within a Class A RV. These motorhomes, or RVs where the motor vehicle and living space are in the same chassis, boast exemplary size and quality. Depending on state regulations, they range from 26 to 45 feet long and eight feet wide, often with the ability to expand to almost fifteen feet. In addition to their impressive dimensions, they weigh anywhere from 13,000 to 30,000 lbs., making them some of the largest RVs. With multiple brands to choose from at Delmarva RV Center, you can find a Class A RV that offers all you’re looking for and more for the ultimate glamping experience.

Class A RV exterior

Welcome to First Class

You’ll be greeted by luxury when you step into a Class A RV. Every square foot of these spacious motorhomes is optimized and decked out to make the RV function and feel like a home. One of these RVs typically includes a comprehensive living area, kitchen, sleeping area, and other amenities that satisfy both wants and needs. These features include: 

  • Fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, microwave, oven, stovetop, refrigerator, and freezer)

  • A dining table

  • Large living area with sofas and reclining chairs

  • Two bathrooms

  • A washer and dryer

  • A king-sized bed

  • A television

Accommodate all your guests in a Class A RV with bunk beds, ample seating, and slide-outs. These sections of wall and floor that slide outward at the press of a button can almost double the width of your RV, increasing square footage for ultimate comfort. With these excellent features, your Class A RV will quickly become your home sweet home.

Class A RV luxurious interior

The Class A Lifestyle

Before investing in a Class A RV, it’s essential to consider whether it would fit your lifestyle. Their spacious, luxurious composition makes them compatible with those looking to spend substantial time living on the road. They are popular with wanderlusts, retirees, touring acts, and similar parties. Due to the size of Class A RVs, there are a few more factors worth assessing before you embark on your adventures. You’ll need to ensure that you won’t face precipitous, rough, or jagged routes and that your RV campground site offers enough electrical amperage. This hefty vehicle also may require a special license, and towing a car along could add extra convenience when you’re looking to run quick errands.

Class A RV on the road

Hit the Road in Style

Are you ready to level up your travels like never before? Contact Delmarva RV Center to find the Class A RV suited to your lifestyle.