Prepare Your RV For Winter Living

 Prepare RV for Winter Living

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The coming of cooler temperatures is typically a telltale sign of winter making its first appearance of the season. However, If you’re truly up for the experience of RV life on the go, a little cold isn’t going to slow you down. The experts at Delmarva RV Center are thrilled to assist our fellow adventure enthusiasts with the task of preparing your RV for winter living. Winter brings many fun aspects of the season along with its arrival — snow, holidays, extra family time, what could be better? However, this chilling time also brings an environment that can harm your RV if you’re not prepared. We have provided a list containing steps to prepare your RV for winter living. Learn more below.

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Prepare Your RV for Winter

If you don’t properly prepare your RV for winter living, major issues could be in your future. Avoid damaging your RV, including burst pipes, dead batteries, and plumbing problems when you follow the helpful steps below.

Place Your RV in a Skirt

Extra insulation can be a lifesaver in cold weather. Protect your batteries, plumbing, and other essential components from the cold when you put your RV in a skirt.

Insulate Your Windows

The windows of your RV allow tons of heat to escape in the cold. Avoid that by adding further insulation such as solar blankets, foam insulation boards, or even heavyweight thermal curtains. Have questions about how to insulate your RV windows? Contact us today!

How to Insulate Your RV during Winter

Wrap Your RV Pipes in Heat Tape

While skirting your RV will be beneficial, wrapping your pipes in heat tape is another way to further insulate your RV. In addition, purchasing a heated RV water hose can be a big help, too!

Make Sure You’re Up to Date on Routine Service

During the cold, your RV has to work much harder to perform. Schedule a service appointment with us today to start preparing your RV for winter living.

Start Today

The sooner you begin to prepare your RV for winter living, the better! Luckily, the experts at Delmarva RV Center are here to help. Reach out today with any questions regarding how to insulate your RV during winter!


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