What Is RV Insurance?

what is rv insurance

Adventure With Peace of Mind

After searching for the perfect RV, you’ve finally found the right fit, and you’re ready to hit the road! Start your adventure off on the right foot with peace of mind knowing that your new investment is covered when you start the process of insuring an RV. The experts at Delmarva RV Center care deeply for your safety and would like to expand on the benefits of RV insurance coverage. Many of our valued customers have asked, “What is RV insurance, and why do I need it?” Well, we are here to help! RV insurance protects drivers if they happen to damage another vehicle or their own. Insurance agencies offer various coverage plans that depend on the amount of time you reside in the RV and the type of RV purchased. To learn more about “what is RV insurance?” view the information provided below.

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What does RV Insurance Cover?

Once you’ve chosen a coverage plan, it’s essential to be aware of everything covered in case of an accident. The following information below includes an overview of the standard coverage opportunities included with most RV insurance policies.

Damage Coverage

This aspect of your policy pertains to any theft, damage, accidents, acts of nature, windshield damage, and vandalism.

Injury and Property Damage

This type of coverage provides payment for any damage or physical injuries caused while behind the wheel of your RV. If you’re hit by a driver who is not covered, Uninsured property damage coverage assists in repairing or replacing your RV.

Medical Bills

If you’re harmed in an accident, your medical bills may be covered up to the amount listed in your plan. Contact us today with any questions regarding “what is RV insurance” and other types of coverage available.

what is RV insurance

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

After receiving the answer to “What is RV insurance?” many customers can drive with peace of mind knowing there are options available to keep them protected as they explore. Delmarva RV Center looks forward to starting this journey with you and will happily answer any other questions regarding what is RV insurance. Contact us today!


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