Setting Up Your RV For The First Time

first time RV owner checklist

First-Time RV Owner Checklist

Making sure you are properly equipped for your next big road trip is essential for setting up your campsite. Our professionals are committed to you enjoying every minute of your camping trip. In case this is your first time preparing for the great outdoors, Delmarva RV Center presents you with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your RV for the first time so you can confidently park your camper throughout your RV ownership. To park your RV in peace, browse our first-time RV owner checklist and enjoy the ultimate camping experience!

Essential Equipment To Bring.

Be sure to bring everything you may need for surviving the wilderness. Check out our full list on What To Bring When RVing for expert advice.

Parking Your RV At Your Campsite.

  • When you pull into the campsite, move slowly and carefully.
  • If possible, find a pull-through parking spot so you can avoid reversing. 
  • Ensure the outlet side of your RV model is closely aligned with the campsite connection towers.
  • Have an equal amount of space on all sides so your RV awnings and slideouts have adequate room to expand.
  • Make sure your RV is level to avoid damage to the infrastructure of your camper and costly repairs.
first time RV owner checklist

Hooking Up Electric

  • Carefully make sure that you have the proper adapter and attachments for the circuit breaker.
  • Hook up the connections to your RV model and then attach it to the breaker box. 
  • Turn on the breaker and enjoy your electric-powered RV.

Hooking Up Water

  • Hooking up water to your RV is as simple as hooking up your garden hose. 
  • Confirm that freshwater from the city or a tank is coming out of the water hookup. 
  • Secure one end of the hose to the connection at the campsite and the other to your RV.
  • An attachable water filter is useful to ensure you are always receiving freshwater.
first time RV owner checklist

Hooking Up Sewage

  • You may want to wear gloves when hooking up the sewage lines to your RV. 
  • Before you dig in, check to make sure that the black and gray water lines are closed.
  • Open up the sewage cap at the campsite and hook up the hose to the campsite.
  • Attach the hose to your RV model and clamp the end of the hose to ensure it is secured.
  • Slope the sewage hose in a way that allows it to naturally flow. 
  • Once you have hooked it up, run the sewage first, following by the gray water. 

During your camping excursion, if you are having any complications, be sure to check your RV owner’s manual or give us a call for assistance. The friendly team at Delmarva RV Center is happy to share first time RV owners tips that will get going in the right direction. Now that you have read through our first-time RV owner checklist, you can sit back and relax to harmonious sounds of nature while enjoying your barbecue.

first time RV owner tips

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