7 Travel Tips for the New Year

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The new year has arrived, and you probably have a lot of ideas on what you can do to make this year the best one yet! You may want to travel more, spend more time outside, visit relatives, and more. This year, we want you to make good on your New Year’s Resolution to travel more. Our team at your local RV supply store has compiled a list of seven tips to help you keep your travel promise. After you plan your trip, stop in at Delmarva RV Center, and we can help you find the perfect RV or camper for your upcoming adventure.

Make Goals

Start the year by making several goals for your travel season. You may want to visit as many lighthouses on the East Coast as you can. Maybe you want to camp under the stars in all the state parks in a particular region. Your goals can be anything! Making a travel checklist of goals will give you and your family a clear objective to achieve during the year.

Go Offseason

Every destination has a peak season, so your local RV supply store recommends you visit during the offseason. By doing offseason travel, you can save money with offseason rates, spend less time in crowds, and experience the location with different weather patterns. You may want to see the snow-covered coast of Maine or enjoy the summer Colorado sky in the Rocky Mountains.

Take Your Time

The hustle and bustle of life can be draining when you have to go in multiple directions. Use these trips to recharge and take in all the incredible beauty in nature. If you want to go for seven days, make it eight!

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Visit Friends and Family

Do you have an old high school friend you have not seen in forever? How about your favorite aunt and cousins? Pack up your travel trailer and set your navigation to their home town. With an RV for sale from Delmarva RV Center, you can save money by staying at a local campground and spend several days or even a whole week catching up.

Invest In Memberships

Make a note of the places you visit the most and research if they offer memberships. You can save a lot of money through frequent-visitor benefits. Locations such as campgrounds, amusement parks, and museums may offer discounts to companion sites. 

Plan Your Route With RV Trip Wizard

Using the RV Trip Wizard gives you a comprehensive visual guide when you set off on your journey. The program plots your starting point, your ending point, and everywhere in between. This makes it easy to research your next stop. 

Go As Often As You Can

Have you left yet? Go now. Go often. And go again. Take all the opportunities you have to travel and see new and old places. Whether you want to visit a lot of places or just a few, enjoy them by going again.

We hope you find magnificent destinations during your trip around the sun. Come visit our team at Delmarva RV Center, and we can help you find more information about your choices and show you our outstanding RVs and travel trailers.

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