Must-Have Road Trip Apps

If you are planning a road trip off the beaten path in your RV model, have you considered the many apps that are designed to enhance your leisure time? The friendly team at Delmarva RV Center wants to make sure you are fully prepared for your adventures. That is why we have researched a list of must-have road trip apps for you to refer to during your journeys. This list includes everything from photo and music apps to exploring hotels, venues, gas stations, campgrounds, and more. Who knows, maybe one of these apps will mold your experience in a way you had never imagined possible. So put on your Google Goggles and get ready to download whichever apps pique your interest before crossing state lines. Check out our list of epic road-trip apps:

Road Trippers

Personalize your journey by streamlining planning, booking, navigating, and discovery with the Road Trippers app. If you need to book a hotel, Road Trippers will provide a list of reviews and photos so you can select the best option. Once you map out your route, you can estimate fuel costs and explore places in between that may pique your interest. Seamless navigation is at the palm of your hand with this awesome planning tool.

Google Goggles

Now you can search by directly taking a picture of an image. Have you ever wondered about the details of a painting or a famous landmark that you can’t depict at the moment? Or perhaps the name of a flower or a tree? While using this app you can point your smartphone camera at whatever object, barcode, or product that you are interested in learning about. Your Google Goggles will then locate what is available in its database and provide you with the information requested in whatever language you prefer.

#1 WiFi Finder

Use this free internet connectivity tool, because life in an RV is way more fun with WiFi. The latest version of this app empowers over 100,000,000 people, with 100 million free hotspots in 200 countries worldwide making a billion connections. This app will bring you real-time updates, so you won’t have to worry about roaming fees when you travel. You can easily locate hotspots anywhere on the globe, so you will never miss a deadline. Get the connection you need wherever you go from New York to Moscow, you are covered.


Your RV dealer supports all doing our part to clean up the planet. The iRecycle app mission is to increase United States recycling rates by making it more accessible and efficient. This app provides websites and locations to more than 110,000 recycling programs in over 250,000 locations in the U.S. so that you can learn how to sort and dispose of recyclables at the palm of your hands. Add your favorite local centers and access a myriad of eligible recyclables.

Ultimate Campgrounds

Are you looking to embark into the wilderness without an itinerary? The ultimate campgrounds app has thousands of our favorite camping locations across the states. Many of these destinations are mostly owned and operated by towns, counties, states, and various federal agencies. In addition, you can discover locations operated by Native Americans and non-profit organizations that focus on land preservation.

Amazon Music

You may want to consider an Amazon Prime membership not only for the free two-day shipping, but also for the free music and unlimited video streaming. When using the Amazon music app you can download songs and playlists on your smartphone and listen to them while driving your RV. The added benefit is that streaming doesn’t use your data! For unlimited music and video access, we suggest downloading the Amazon music app.


If you are a true wanderlust traveler, Trover is the app for you! Satisfy your cravings and by creating a collection of geo-tagged traveler photos and create a visual of the destinations on your bucket list. This app enables you to post photos and tags from your personal ventures to inspire others and save a list of your aspirations. It is somewhat like Instagram but focuses strictly on travel. 

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We hope you can experience how fun and convenient these apps can be when you plan your next RV adventure. Your next RV model awaits your family memories, and these apps are designed to assist you further in making an unforgettable experience. Check out our selection of RV models for sale in Delaware and start planning your getaway today!

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