Cooking In A Camper

Cooking In A Camper

Gather Around the Table

Gearing up to spend a holiday away in your home away from home? RVs and travel trailers are great ways to spend the weekend away with the family to enjoy nature and precious time together. Whether getting away for Christmas, Memorial Day weekend, or another special holiday, we’re sure you plan to gather together over a holiday meal. Though Delmarva RV Center has plenty of floor plans with spacious kitchens, cooking in a camper can sometimes be a task of its own due to limited kitchen space and cooking in an unfamiliar place. To ensure your next holiday in your RV goes smoothly, follow our quick tips for cooking in a camper!

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Cooking In A Camper

The Essentials

Before you even think about cooking in your camper during a holiday away, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything you need. Gather together all of your essential cooking supplies and kitchenware, from knives and spatulas to pots and pans. Anything you would use during a normal day cooking in the kitchen, you’re going to need while cooking in a camper!


Planning out your holiday meal is going to be a huge help. From your Christmas ham to hot dogs on the grill, the more planning you do beforehand, the better! Buy all of your ingredients so you’re not stuck trying to find a local grocery store, and prep as much as you can before hitting the road. Cut vegetables, and make your marinades and sauces before you go. It’s less you have to do in the small kitchen, and less cleanup!

Cooking In A Camper

Clean As You Go

Don’t leave your dishes to pile up as you cook. You’ll waste precious counter space, and the clutter will make cooking in your camper less than optimal. Instead, clean up throughout to allow yourself more room to make your delicious holiday meal.

Enjoy Your Time Together

There’s nothing quite like sharing a holiday meal with the ones closest to you, especially when you’re enjoying it in your home away from home. Follow these tips for cooking in your camper to make holiday meals a little easier, and visit Delmarva RV Center to view some of our favorite RVs with some pretty amazing kitchens.

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