Storm Safety Tips For RVers

RV storm safety tips

It Can’t Rain All The Time

While that sentiment is true, storms with varying degrees of severity do exist. This is particularly true in winter, due to heavy snowfalls and the occasional blizzard. The service experts at Delmarva RV Center do not want you to be caught unprepared when a storm hits as you are trekking along on the open road. We have put together several RV storm safety tips to use before and during your trip, the most vital one being that you schedule a maintenance appointment at our state-of-the-art RV service center to ensure your recreational vehicle is operating at its maximum capabilities. Read through our tips below and become the one chasing the storm!

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Obtain a Weather Forecast

This RV storm safety tip is not only crucial but also easy to follow because today’s smart devices have access to a range of weather apps. It is important knowledge to have before, during, and after your journey because you can ensure you choose the safest route away from nasty weather.

Have an Emergency Kit

It is a wise practice to always keep a stocked emergency preparedness kit of some kind within your RV model, even if you are just going for a leisurely drive. It should contain extra (nonperishable) food and water, spare clothing and blankets, key first-aid items, road flares, spare batteries and chargers for your devices, etc. Our service team will be glad to further go over our recommendations for your unique emergency kit.

RV storm safety tips

Drive Carefully

During times of heavy rainfall, harsh thunderstorms, or sudden snow, an essential RV storm safety tip is for you to maintain a degree of constant vigilance while driving your RV. Make sure your lights are providing enough visibility and that you are keeping an eye out for any obstacles or debris on the road. If the weather is severe enough, then we urge you to seek shelter or just pull off to the side and wait for the storm to pass.

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Here at Delmarva RV Center, we are standing by to provide you with more RV storm safety tips and guarantee your RV model is prepared for whatever mood Mother Nature is in. Schedule your next maintenance appointment today!

RV storm safety tips

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