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Camping and roughing it in the majestic outdoors is a timeless tradition for families all over, especially when you add your trusty RV model to the mix. However, as parents with reluctant kiddos know, it is crucial to ensure there are plenty of entertainment options besides becoming one with Mother Nature. The team at Delmarva RV Center understands it can be a bit tricky to come up with ideas and we’re here to help. Our experts have developed a compact list of popular outdoor games for camping that you can refer to before heading out on your big trip. Little to no assembly is needed for these games and you can easily source them from big-brand retailers. Look over our list and be sure to reach out with any questions you might have!

popular outdoor games for camping

Popular Outdoor Games For Camping

The camping games options you can select from are abundant. From simply tossing a ball back and forth to enjoying giant-size versions of renowned activities, you can definitely engage everyone in your group to get involved and join in the fun. Several popular outdoor games for camping that the DRVC crew suggests are:

• Cornhole (you can play with adult beverages when the kids tap out)

• Ladder Golf

• Velcro Toss (this can be a safer alternative for the younger ones in your group)

• Giant Jenga (don’t let the stack fall over!)

• Ultimate Frisbee

• Laser Tag (remember to practice caution with this, especially if it will be an evening activity)

• Lawn Bocce Ball

 popular outdoor games for camping

Move Well, Play Well

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we think that your group will certainly like romping around with our recommendations as you all relax in the beauty of the natural world. You are welcome to contact us for more helpful camping tips or to let us know how much you liked our suggested popular outdoor games for camping, and save us a game or two!

popular outdoor games for camping

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