Give Thanks While RVing!

RV Thanksgiving

Break Bread On The Go

The Thanksgiving season is almost upon us, bringing with it a cornucopia of feasting and glad tidings. It also means you and your loved ones will undoubtedly be hitting the road to visit those far-flung relatives in your trusty recreational vehicle. Road trips, especially lengthy ones, can be draining and even a little tiresome. The expert team at Delmarva RV Center wants you to know that they do not have to be because we have compiled a series of helpful Thanksgiving RV travel tips to ease the burden of carting the entire family around the country. There are some great ways to celebrate while on the road. Check them out below!

Priced To Compete!
  • Enjoy A Meal. What better method to really get into the holiday mood than to have a mini-Thanksgiving? Gathering all the supplies first and using the kitchenette in your RV — or portable cooking methods like a crockpot — is a great way to fire up your family for enjoying the full version with your relatives.
  • Bring Some Fun Along. One of the simplest Thanksgiving RV hacks we can provide is to ensure there is lots of entertainment. A solid board game collection, a deck of playing cards, or even a video game console that the whole family can play on do a bang-up job of making the miles fly by.
  • See The Sights. Don’t forget to follow one of the core credos of the RV lifestyle and take in a little sightseeing among the towns and attractions you pass along the road.
RV Thanksgiving

Enjoy Your RV Thanksgiving!

Here at Delmarva RV Center, we hope you cherish every moment you spend with the special people in your life. You are welcome to ask one of our professionals for more useful Thanksgiving RV tips and have the happiest of Thanksgivings!

RV Thanksgiving

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